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Save a Memory That Could Be Lost

A memory is lost when a family member passes away before the memory has been shared and saved. Don’t wait another day. Save a family memory before it’s lost.

Possible Activities
  • Which important memories from your life events, videos, stories, or photos are not already recorded?
  • Prayerfully consider who in your family has a family heirloom, a photo, or a story that could be lost. Then offer to help that person save those memories.
Go Digital
  • Ask a family member to talk about which family memories are “at risk” for being lost. Have a family night where you retell family stories and record them.
  • Record (audio or video) older family members talking about their life events.
  • Digitize a photo and have a family member tell the story behind it. Who is in the photo? What is happening? Then upload the photo, tag it, and save the story on FamilySearch as a Memory.
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