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My Family 12 of 16
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My Family Tree

The names in your family tree aren’t just names— they are real people. Because of them, you are here. You may learn new things about yourself as you learn about them.

Possible Activities
  • Fill out the first 4 generations of your family tree on FamilySearch (you, your parents, your grandparents, and your great-grandparents). How many people did you get?
  • With a parent, use the My Family: Stories that Bring Us Together booklet or the Family History: Get Started Now booklet to fill out the first 4 generations of your family tree.
  • Make a goal to learn about all the people in the first 4 generations of your family tree.
Go Digital
  • Look at your family tree on FamilySearch. If it’s empty, start creating your tree with what you already know. If your tree already exists try to learn something new about an ancestor.
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