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My Voice, My Experiences

Your voice is unique, and so are your experiences. Retelling experiences that you have gone through can help you overcome obstacles in the future.

Possible Activities
  • Share an experience from your life with a family member or a friend. These questions may help you think of an experience:
    • What is your earliest memory?
    • What was your best day? Your worst day?
    • What are some of your accomplishments?
    • What is a funny story about you or your family?
    • Tell a story of something that was hard to do.
    • When was a time that you felt good after helping others?
  • Write in a journal about your life experiences. When you have hard times in the future, a journal can remind you of God's love and what you have learned.
Go Digital
  • Use the FamilySearch Memories app to record yourself answering one of the questions above.
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