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2019 - June Newsletter

This edition will cover the following topics:

Upcoming October Changes

⚠️ Warning: The following contains changes that if ignored, could break your integration!

Additional Generic Relationships Updates

Previously we communicated changes to be done in family tree, since then more changes were identified for search. We have created additional documentation for these changes.

Two pending modifications named generic.relationship.terms and are available to see how this change will affect your application.

Portrait Changes

When updating portraits, a new node is required.

    "persons": [
        "media": [
            "id": "85940",
            "attribution": {
                "changeMessage": "...change message..."
            "description": "https/",
            "qualifiers": [
                "value": "0.1,0.2,0.3,0.4",
                "name": ""

Please see the example request found here.

A pending modification named UseTPSExperiment is available to see how this change may affect your application.

Updating Persistent URLs

Starting in October, we will be updating all persistent URLs to include 'ark.' at the beginning of the URL domain. For example, would become
There is currently a pending modification named updated.ark.uri that you can enable to see the changes to these persistent URLs.

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