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2018 - March Newsletter

Important Announcements

Based on the September 2017 newsletter, we have begun redirecting to a new domain model in the integration environment. We have also announced that we will begin redirecting in the production environment starting March 20th 2018. The change will not take place on March 20th, but may occur at any time after that without notice.

March Changes in Review

**UPDATE** New Match system is being released March 21, 2018 March 28, 2018. This is a backwards compatible change. The benefits of the new system include much better performance on Match-by-ID requests, additional rich formatted person details in the match results, improved system stability, and better accuracy.

Upcoming June Changes

Breaking Changes

The redirect for Person with Relationships call will go away and will start redirecting to the persons endpoint

The Consolidate Redundant Resources pending modification was previously scheduled for last year, but was delayed until now. This pending modification will be permanently activated in June. Please see the September 2016 Newsletter with the information about this change.

For more information on the FamilySearch API change process, please see the API Evolution Guide.

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