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2017 - June Newsletter

Important Announcements

Please be aware of the following important items:

June 2017 Changes

API Changes

Ordinance Reservations (OSS) endpoints will be shut off on June 6th.

Pending Modification Changes

The following pending modifications will go live as scheduled on June 6th.

Pending Modification Description
full-descendancy Return all spouses (instead of only one) when reading the descendancy resource. When this modification is active, additional persons will be returned with a non-standard descendancy number. For more information about the non-standard numbering, see the documentation of the Descendancy resource.

Certification Changes

There are no certification changes due in June.

New Features

New Features Description
Update/Create/Delete Portraits The api now supports the ability for users to set their preferred portrait image per ancestor for details see the example requests found here.
Change message on source description update Support for a reason statement on a source description update has been added.
Support for thumbnail links on PDF memories. Thumbnail images were previously provided for images, but NOT PDF’s. Thumbnail images are now included for PDF documents.

Sept 2017 Changes

API Changes

There are no new API endpoints scheduled to go live in September.

Pending Modifications Changes

There are no new Pending Modification changes scheduled to go live in September.

Certification Changes

No required certification changes will be due in September.

For more information on the FamilySearch API change process, please see the API Evolution Guide.

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