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2017 - March Newsletter

Important Announcements

Please be aware of the following important items:

March 2017 Changes

API Changes

There are no new API endpoints scheduled to go live in March.

Pending Modification Changes

Schedule Change: There were two pending modifications that were scheduled to go live in March, however consolidate-redundant-resources will not be released at this time and instead be rescheduled for a future quarterly release, tentatively planned for Q1 2018. The release for full-descendancy has been rescheduled for the June 2017 release (see below).

Certification Changes

There are no certification changes due in March.

New Features

New Features Description
Persons resource update The Persons resource now supports the GET method. This allows you to read a list of up to 500 persons. See Persons Resource Documentation.
Families of a Person The Families of a Person resource provides the families for a person. This includes the spouses, the relationships to each spouse, the children, the relationships to each child, the parents, the relationships to each parent, the siblings, and the relationships for each sibling to each parent. See Families Resource Documentation.
Geocoordinates for Places on Person The latitude and longitude will be returned on normalized places for all tree reads. See Read Persons Example.

June 2017 Changes

API Changes

The Ordinance Reservation endpoints for OSS have been deprecated. The replacement endpoints have been released to Prototype in June 2016, to Beta in September 2016, and finally to Production December 6, 2016. The deprecated endpoints will be retired on June 6, 2017. The documentation for the new Ordinances and Reservations API is not available to the general public but can be obtained by request to

Pending Modifications Changes

The following pending modifications will go live as scheduled on June 6th.

Pending Modification Description
full-descendancy Return all spouses (instead of only one) when reading the descendancy resource. When this modification is active, additional persons will be returned with a non-standard descendancy number. For more information about the non-standard numbering, see the documentation of the Descendancy resource.

Certification Changes

No required certification changes will be due in June.

For more information on the FamilySearch API change process, please see the API Evolution Guide.

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