2016 - December Newsletter

Reminder of the Change Process

As a reminder, our release process batches incompatible changes into release dates that happen once per quarter. These changes will be rolled out in March, June, September, and December.

For more information, please see the API Evolution Guide

December Changes

New APIs

The Genealogies API and Ordinances API will be moved to the "Release" phase, which means that future changes will conform to changes according to the API Evolution Guide.

Pending Modification Changes

The following pending modifications will go live as scheduled on December 6th.

Pending Modification
current-person-401 Changes the response code for an attempt to read the current person from 404 to 401. For more information see details here.
include-non-subject-person-and-relationships When reading a person and/or relationship(s), additional persons and relationships are available to be included at minimal cost, but are currently being dropped to preserve compatibility. This pending modification will include the extra "non-subject" persons and relationships. For more information see details here.
new-name-form-langs Enables support for new, more specific languages on name forms. For details, see the Names guide in the developer documentation. For more information see details here.

The consolidate-redundant-resources pending modification will not go live as scheduled. We will be rolling this into the March 2017 release.

Certification Changes

There are no certification changes due in December.

Upcoming March Changes

The following changes will be released in March 2017.

Pending Modifications Changes

Pending Modification


Resources that have been made redundant will be consolidated by returning a 303 (redirect) to the appropriate resources. These resources include: Person With Relationships, Spouse Relationships, Child Relationships, Parent Relationships, Source References, Discussion References, and Memory References. For more information see details here.

New APIs

There are no new API's scheduled to go live in March

Certification Changes

No required certification changes will be due in March.

Change Language


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