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Temple ordinance reservations can only be submitted by approved partners. This guide provides helpful instructions to approved partners.

Auto-fill a Form Requesting 110-year Rule Exception

Close relatives may reserve temple ordinance work for their own deceased family members who were born within the last 110 years. The spouse, children, parents, and siblings of a deceased person are all considered close relatives. All other requestors must submit a special request form. Apps can auto-fill the form to assist users who choose to submit the form.

This is an explanation of how to provide auto-fill data for the form.

The following fields are available for auto-fill and their associated query param keys:

(All of these fields are found in the "Deceased" information block.)

  • FamilySearch Person Id ('pid')
  • First Name ('fn')
  • Last Name ('ln')
  • Death Date ('dd')
  • Ordinances I'm requesting to Perform
    • Baptism ('b')
    • Confirmation ('c')
    • Initiatory ('i')
    • Endowment ('e')
    • Sealing to Parents ('sp')
    • Sealing to Spouse ('ss')


Query string:


The above URL will auto-populate the following inputs:

  • First Name: John
  • Last Name: Doe
  • Baptism: Checked
  • Confirmation: Checked

List of Temple Names and Codes

Each temple has an official name and a unique three to five character code. The list of names and codes allows apps to reliably refer to specific temples and related genealogical work consistently with FamilySearch.

The current list is available in XML and JSON formats on Github. The listed temples are sorted in alphabetic order by code.

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