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Source Create Page

The Source Create page allows users of partner apps to more easily add source information to Family Tree. The Source Create page can be referenced by any external webpage or application to help the user create and attach a partner source to a Family Tree person without needing to call the FamilySearch API.

How to Integrate Source Create Page

Put a similar form like the one below on your record page. When the user clicks on the "Attach to Family Tree" button in the form below the form data will be POSTed to the destination page and will pre-populate all the fields necessary to create the source. The following form fields are required: pid, title, url. Here is a jsfiddle page that shows a working example. There is also a test app.

When using this destination page you must also use an anaytics tracking code so that we can provide usage data back to you. The tracking code is a URL query parameter. For example, if you were a partner (example: you would use the following query parameter: ?cid=partner-company.

The partner sites (Ancestry, MyHeritage, Find My Past) that have "Search Records" links on the Family Person page have the Person ID being passed to them with when the user clicks on the partner search link. It is passed in the form &pid=LH8M-TX3.

If the partner site supports multiple languages, the source data being passed in should be in the language of the current user.

If you want to put line breaks in the citation or notes fields, you can do this by putting a literal line feed or carriage return in the data, or by encoding it like this: 

Sample Forms

<form method="POST" action="">
    <input hidden type="text" name="title" value="1940 US Census">
    <input hidden type="text" name="url" value="">
    <input hidden type="text" name="citation" value="My grandfather in the US 1940 Census">
    <input hidden type="text" name="notes" value="This is a great find.">
    <input type="submit" value="Attach to Family Tree">
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