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Tree Write Compatible Checklist

The FamilySearch Family Tree is essential to the purpose of FamilySearch. The growth and quality of the Family Tree are dependent on proper engagement of users. Tools, resources, and services must operate consistently and follow good practices in order to facilitate progressive contributions. Solutions should encourage conformance to standards before, during, and after viewing, adding, or editing the Family Tree. All contributions should be supported by proper evidence and linked to online images of the source if possible.

Tree Write compatible solutions write conclusions and make updates to the Family Tree so they must implement the principles of a source centric model in programming and user interface.

The following checkbox items are minimum capabilities for your solution to obtain Tree Write Compatible status.

[   ] Person Add Certified

[   ] Sources Write Compatible

[   ] Event information is standardized using normalized values from FamilySearch or the company's place authority.

[   ] Modify a Person in FamilySearch

[   ] Delete a Person or prevent deletion of Persons on FamilySearch

[   ] Person Compare and Transfer of Solution Data with FamilySearch Data

[   ] Change History and Person Restore or Redirect Users to the FamilySearch Change History ARK Page for changes and restores.

[   ] Delete and add Spousal Relationships in FamilySearch

[   ] Add, change, and delete Parent-Child Relationships in FamilySearch

[   ] Merge Persons and Perform Not-a-Match Maintenance, or Redirect Users to the FamilySearch Possible Duplicates ARK Page for merges and not-a-match maintenance

NOTE: Merging must provide the ability to reconcile sources for the person being merged in addition to comparing vital, family, and other information.


  • Add, Change, or Delete Person Notes in Family Tree

  • Restore Merged Persons in Family Tree

  • Comparisons of companyM and FamilySearch data may include notes and life sketches

  • Notify of Person Changes and Other Activities

  • Redirecting to FamilySearch Pages

Tree Write Implementation Guide

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