User Memories


The user memories query provides a (paged) list of artifacts of memories that belong to a specific user. This allows users to get a list of all memories that have been uploaded by the current user. To do this, make a request to the User Memories resource with the Accept header set to application/x-gedcomx-v+xml.


GET - Read the user's memories.

Produces - Specify a returned data format using the Accept header.
Name Type Description
uid path The id used to identify a user by the Common Identify Service (CIS).
count query The maximum number of artifacts belonging to this user to return. If not specified or a bad value, all memories will be returned. Min=1.
start query The index (zero-based) of the first artifact belonging to this user to be returned. Default=0. Min=0.
Status Codes
  • 200  -  Upon a successful read.
  • 204  -  Upon a successful read with no results.
  • 429  -  If the request was throttled.

Example Requests

Read Memories for a User How to query for all memories for a user.
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