Youth Connecting with Generations

December 15, 2018  - by 

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President Russell M. Nelson invites you to “enlist in the youth battalion of the Lord to help gather Israel.”

Can gathering Israel be as simple as connecting with your past, present, and future family? Yes! Discover, share, and preserve your family history today.

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  1. With many visits with families, siblings, children, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, Now is a great time to take pictures and get short 3 to 5 minute recordings to share with family. Alone? Record yourself and share.

  2. My sister and I were introduced in looking for our ancestors when we were young. I now wish it had been earlier. I am very happy to see pages to get our youth aware of how great it is to know our past. Thank You

  3. I have been doing indexing since 1970 in Swe ish records. I moved 3 years ago and haven’t done it since then. I tried to get today and couldn’t. Do you. ‘ll still have Swedish records to work on.? If so, how do I get in to do theme?