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November 20, 2017  - by 
How to make the most of the new web indexing program.

by Allison Hadley

Web indexing is here! Have you tried it yet? What do you think? If you’re not a fan or if it feels like we’re taking away your best friend and asking you to make a new one, this article is for you. We know we’ve invited you to change the way you do things, and there are important reasons for that change.

The desktop program was a fantastic tool in its day, but the software has quickly become out of date and a bit cumbersome to perform simple maintenance or updates. It was originally designed for use in a workplace and the sheer number of indexers and amount of work you do have made it difficult for the program to keep up. Adding new features and improving the program was becoming more expensive every year. Plus, it made indexing a stationary activity. Volunteers could index only on a computer where the program had been previously downloaded.

What’s New

With the new web platform, you can index on any browser and with any desktop, laptop, or tablet device with an internet connection. No downloads or software updates are necessary! More types of projects will be available on the web program, and the new technology will allow FamilySearch to publish records more quickly than with the desktop program.

The web platform also allows FamilySearch to better scale the indexing program and enables constant improvements. If you don’t like what you see today, use the Feedback button in the top right hand corner to share your comments!

The feedback we receive about the product is being evaluated constantly, and improvements to the program based on that feedback are made on a regular basis.

Learn why the web indexing tool can help move indexing forward.

What’s Coming

A lot of you have goals you are steadfastly working towards. While those numbers are not currently reflected on the web system, FamilySearch has all of that information stored, and they will be updated in the new system as soon as possible. None of that information will be lost.

Learn why the web indexing tool can help move indexing forward.
Arbitration will no longer be part of the process. Instead of an arbitrator deciding between Person A and Person B’s work, now reviewers will simply double check the work of the indexer and make necessary changes before resubmitting the batch. It’s very similar to checking the work already done on a partial batch. You can receive Review rights after indexing 1,000 records in the new system.

Other additional desktop features you loved will be added to the web program soon, such as name and place Lookup Lists and the ability to hide and reorder fields.

Building an offline mode into the current program is being researched.

Thank You for Indexing!

There are many blessings that can come into your life as you continue to serve others through the indexing you do. Although this is a big change, we have seen many people who thought they would never get used to the new program come to love it. There is help if you need it. Feel free to contact FamilySearch with your questions and concerns.

Thank you for all you do to help make these records searchable so that we can all participate in gathering our families together.



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