Where Are Your Ancestors From? Map Your Heritage with ‘Where Am I From’ Activity

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Woman uses Where Am I From experience on ipad to find out "where are my ancestors from?"

Find out where your ancestors are from—and ultimately where you are from—using FamilySearch’s new Where Am I From? activity. See your family’s movement on a map, discover the countries your ancestors lived in, and explore the heritage and traditions of those countries.

To use the Where Am I From? activity, you need to have a FamilySearch account (create one for free here). You also should have at least four generations entered into your family tree, which will provide enough data to get you started on seeing where your ancestors came from.

What ‘Where Am I From?’ Will Show You

Once you sign in, the activity shows four key experiences. You can switch between them by selecting one of the options at the top of the main navigation bar.

Generations: Pinpoint on a Map Where Your Ancestors Are From

The Generation experience pinpoints where your ancestors lived on a large, interactive global map.

See where your ancestors are from on a map. where am i from screenshot

At the bottom of the page, use the slider to limit how many generations you see on the screen. For example, if you choose to see only 4 generations, you will see points on the map for ancestors and descendants only as far back as your great-grandparents. (Learn more about how Generations works.)

You can zoom into a specific point on the map by using the + and options on the right of the screen or by clicking one of the points on the map. To zoom back out to global view, click the world icon on the right of the screen.

Family Lines: Trace the Migration of Your Family

Family Lines also maps where you and your family have lived, but on specific ancestral lines. That means you can see the family migrations to different countries and movement to different towns across several generations.

Map of where your ancestors migrated. where am i from screenshot

The left part of the Family Lines screen shows the beginning of your family tree, with you and your parents branching off of you. Click either your mother or your father’s image to start tracking the family movement on the map.

Continue clicking the people in your tree whose movement you want to track. You can also choose to go back and select a different person on the tree to look at a different family line.

My Heritage: Learn About the Countries You Come From

My Heritage pulls data from your family tree to show what countries your ancestors came from. The page displays both a flag and the percentage of your family members in the tree that lived there.

Percentage of countries you and your ancestors are from. where am i from screenshot

You can also add countries using the grayed-out flag icon. You can choose from at least 240 countries and provinces.

You can learn more about the country by clicking the country name, which will take you to a separate page. Use the top navigation bar to read about the country’s food, recipes, family life, social customs, fun facts, and traditions.

More information on countries of where your ancestors are from. where am i from screenshot

Timeline: See Where Your Family Was During Major Events

The Timeline feature allows you to see where your relatives were at a specific time in history. Use the slider at the bottom of the screen to limit or expand the range of time.

Timeline of where ancestors were during major world events

On the slider, you can also select Filter to the right and choose from a menu of historical events. After you select a historical event, the map will pinpoint where your family was during the time of the event.

You can also see a personalized timeline of a relative’s life by clicking his or her point on the map. Toggle back and forth between a timeline of life events, world history, and United States events. (If you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you also have the option to see a timeline of Church events.)

Personalized timeline of an ancestors' life

Other Features

When using the Generations and My Family Lines options, if you click a person shown on the map, you will see a page that tells you more about the person’s life.

More information about your ancestor, including a timeline, photos, stories, and more.

This page shows you your relationship to the person, as well as a timeline of the person’s life. Using the menu bar below the person’s name, you have the option to look at photos, stories, and documents or to hear audio about the person’s life.

You can also upload photos, stories, documents, and audio from these pages.

How to Make the Most of These Experiences

The more data you have in the tree—names, birth and death dates and places, photos, and so on—the more this tool will map out your heritage.

The Family Tree is the world’s largest shared tree. When you connect to it, your ancestor’s information might already be available for you to find.

For help adding to your tree, check out the following Family Tree articles.

Note: This experience is currently only available in English. Spanish and Portuguese versions will be available later this year.

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    1. If you can access a Family History Center at this time, you have made a giant step in the right direction. Until the centers are open again, I’ll try to help. But I need to know your parents first and then work backwards in generations

      1. Hello Robert< I am trying to find documentation of were my Grandmother , Eva Yvonne Pelley originated from. Some of my ancestors said Ireland, I cannot find anywhere on the Internet that says Ireland. Can you help me!

  1. I noticed that there is an error in the date of the death of Jacobus de Rooy/Elisabeth de Rooy (born Walschaerts). It shows 1894 in some places and 1884 in other places. It should show 1884 everywhere. Correct info, according to the death registration of Antwerpen-Belgie document, shows March 6, 1847 and May 12, 1884.

    As a newcomer I may have created a problem with the date of birth of the father of Jacobus de Rooy. I entered 1782 as the year of birth of Cornelis de Rooy. This is the year of birth of Johannes de Rooy, the father of Cornelis de Rooy. I am sorry for the confusion. I now realize that I should have contacted the manager responsible for that site. I did bring this to the attention of MyHeritage in a 6 PM phone conversation on January 16.

  2. No, I’m not related. The only hint came from Baltimore County, Maryland probate that one of the legatees was in Tennessee.

    1. The first Tipton was born in Maryland but moved to E. Tenn. and fought in the Revolutionary War plus was involved in feuds, etc. Fred has a cousin in Arizona who has done extensive research on this family.

      1. A legatee in legal parlance is one who benefits financially in the personal property of the deceased. According to Maryland state archives, Samuel Tipton, Sr. died leaving a will or Testate. Junior died intestate according to the Baltimore County register of Wills (the office probates intestate estates). There were five siblings of Senior’s benefitting from his estate. If you need a copy of the will, I’ll mail just send an address.
        There was a Samuel Tipton born in Virginia, who became prominent in Tennessee politics and founded a military academy.

  3. I do not mean to be personal in any way, but your birth certificate will list your parents. Your grandmother, I don’t like to jump a generation, might give you some information. Keep in mind some records are kept by another country.

  4. Well let’s start at the beginning. On your birth certificate your parents are named. From those names one can start to build a family tree.