What’s New on FamilySearch—May 2016

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What's New on FamilySearch

Each month, FamilySearch publishes a list of new changes and updates to the FamilySearch.org website. This list includes changes to Family Tree as well as other parts of FamilySearch.org. In some cases, these changes will also be published as individual articles where the need to do so exists.





Recently Released

Family Tree: Possible System Outages

We only have a few new features this month because we’re working on significant improvements to FamilySearch. While the improvements are being tested, there may be a few times when the system will not be available. We have scheduled times when few users access the system. We hope you will be as excited about the improvements as we are. You’ll hear more in future editions of What’s New.

Watch Tip Videos in Full Screen

Several pages in Family Tree have Tips panels. To see the panel, at the bottom of the screen, click the Tips


The panel slides out from the right side and gives you access to instructions and videos for a few tasks you can do on that page. For example, here is the Tips panel for the Memories Gallery:

When you click an item in the Table of Contents, you see brief instructions and a video demonstrating the task.

You can now watch the videos in full screen. Just click the button on the right in the video controls. When you’re done, press Esc. We’re currently upgrading all the videos so that they are clear at full screen resolution.

Memories: Improved Tagging Tool for Photos and Documents

We’ve received feedback that patrons are having trouble seeing the white tagging tool handles and lines when the photos or documents have a light background. The improved tagging tool combines black and white lines for easy viewing on light or dark backgrounds.

Memories: Gallery Will Take You Back to the Memory You Started From

If you have submitted a lot of items to Memories, you’ll probably appreciate this new feature. If you haven’t submitted a lot yet, you may not notice a difference.

All the items you submit appear in your Gallery. When you click an item, the system displays the screen where you add or modify tags and titles. When you are done and click your browser’s back button, the system used to take you back to the beginning of your Gallery. So to return to the item, you had to scroll. And if you had submitted 300 items, that could be a lot of scrolling.

Now on the page where you add tags, when you click your browser’s back button or the Go to: Gallery link, the system returns you to the item you started from.


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      1. No Jesse,
        I received an email from Family Search Family Tree with a link to my Susan Hulett L2M4-SR8 that said look at this Memorial. When I clicked on it, I have 16 different links to people on my Tree. Each one went to Findagrave with info on them. It told me that I could each source to these people on my Tree. But it did not give any instructions for doing so. I thought pictures taken from Findagrave were the property of the persons who took the pictures and added the info on that site. This email link had FamilySearch.org/Memorial as part of the link. What can you tell me about this feature?

        1. Oh, I see. Sorry. On the landing page (https://familysearch.org/memorial), it will show you all of your ancestors who have something in FindAGrave. In each box, under the “See the Memorial” button it will say “attached” or “attach to tree.” Click “attach to tree” if you wish to add the source. Otherwise, you can click the button and explore what facts and images FindAGrave has to offer.

  1. Please tell me who I can contact to discuss serious concerns. Someone has placed a Tree on my site totally built by unknown others which is FILLED WITH INCORRECT INFO. I have never entered a single key stroke–not even a period– on the Tree on my account! (I know the info is incorrect because my family has researched and built our Tree over more than half a century; it IS correct and includes numerous documents supporting the authenticity of people and events.) How can any Tom, Dick, or Harry get onto my Family Search site and put anything they wish onto my Tree? Why do site administrators support all these errors and throw up barriers to my making corrections on my own Tree? I must have a login name and a password to access my account, but others can go in and DO WHATEVER they desire on my Tree. By the way, one of these “elves” has apparently changed my login and password because the site will not let me in, claiming that my login info is incorrect. (I wrote my info in my genealogy journal when I established my account. The site wouldn’t recognize my password soon afterward so I changed it and wrote the change in my journal. Even though I always use that info, I am denied entry. This account is under my official church membership number and it has personal info; why can others go in at will but I am routinely denied? I have always taken great pride in any work I have done, and I am willing to put in unceasing time and effort. Now I have a piece of junk that is filled with errors, a piece of junk that I am embarrassed to have associated with my name, but I have no control over it. When others put in people with the same surnames as some of my family members, but with totally inaccurate and different given names and information, how can you consider that as material worthy of being sent to the temple? You are creating a situation which begs to be filled with errors. Maybe those “elves” have some material that is accurate for their own family members who happen to have surnames like my family, but when they hang their info onto my tree, they immediately create polluted family lines that make a mockery of our whole purpose for tracing our family members and having temple work done for them. I want the disgraceful “mess” hanging on my account as “my Tree” removed at once. If you know who the elves are who created the mess, you may invite them to move it to their OWN ACCOUNT immediately. It is not fair, and it certainly is not in keeping with the practices of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to allow a totally bogus Tree to be placed on what is supposed to be a PRIVATE site assigned to me (and no one else since no one else has the same church membership number as me). Neither would the Church require me to use an exclusive login and password, giving the impression of privacy/security, if that whole concept is a farce and totally meaningless on this Church-sponsored site. To help others work on their family trees is certainly an admirable goal, and one I would TOTALLY support. But to set us members up with private Family Search accounts, bearing our exclusive church number, and then to allow unidentified individuals free run to add any unverified info they desire is a complete mockery of the Church’s genealogy and temple-work program. I cannot tell you how disappointed and frustrated I am at the way this site is run when it is representing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I do not know which website you are asking for in blank 3 below.

    1. The FamilySearch Family Tree is a wiki based tree that anyone can edit. Take a look at this article on seeing and undoing changes in the tree may be helpful to you: https://familysearch.org/ask/salesforce/viewArticle?urlname=Seeing-and-Undoing-the-Changes-Made-to-a-Person-or-Relationship&lang=en

      To retrieve your password, go to FamilySearch.org.
      1) Click the Sign In button.
      2.) A sign-in page will appear. Below the blue Sign In button is a link to retrieve your password.
      3) Click the link, and follow the instructions.

      If you need additional help, view this article http://bit.ly/1Nb0vPE, or contact FamilySearch Support at support@familysearch.org, or click the Get Help link at the top of every FamilySearch.org page.
      Thank you