What’s New with Indexing—June 2016

June 13, 2016  - by 

On Wednesday, June 15, the indexing program was updated to make a few changes to improve the indexing experience. Here is more information on some of the more significant changes.

Arbitration Results

One change in the indexing program is the arbitration results percentage which used to be found in the Arbitration Results tab. This percentage has been completely removed from the program.

After surveying many indexers, we learned that though some get personal satisfaction from the arbitration results and use it for positive reinforcement, many others feel discouraged when that number goes down. Some have even quit indexing as a result. We feel that the number is not an accurate representation of an indexer’s contribution as a whole. It is simply a representation of how often the indexed values agree with the arbitrator’s opinion.

Quality still is and always will be a priority. By clicking the Review Batches button, you will still be able to see how your batches were arbitrated. Indexers seeking to improve will still be able to review the arbitrator’s work and see the arbitration results on a specific batch, but arbitration changes will no longer be combined into a total percentage. The number is not necessary for volunteers to know that they are doing their best and to understand how helpful they are to people searching for their ancestors.

Updates and Removal of Help Links

Second, many helps and links have been consolidated and updated. Among these changes is the removal of the F1 helps. We understand that many people regularly use those helps; however, much of that information is now out of date. You can find the most current help information searching the help articles at FamilySearch.org/indexing/help. We encourage everyone to use these resources when looking for answers.


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  1. I am a big Indexer myself and I wish spellcheck would be different. Especially for the peoples names, some have not been “put in the system” yet, which is annoying because I know that it is spelled right and the program should let me spell it that way.. there used to be a button that said ‘accept’ so that you could put in names that were spelled differently. When you try to submit your work it says to have a quality check and the boxes are red saying the name is spelled wrong but I know it isn’t because that is how it is spelled on the image.. I end up putting it as a ? because my program isn’t letting me put it in.

    1. You should still be able to submit it even with red boxes. It will send you through quality check but you should be able to leave it as is if you are confident it is correct.

  2. Have just started indexing as a way of helping others to find their family history. Have used the LDS IGI for many years. Not worried about arbitration but will do my best as a indexer.
    On the “Frequently Asked Questions” page for indexers it states: “How can I get feedback to know how I am doing?
    On the indexing start page, click the Arbitration Results tab. You can review a batch that has been arbitrated and see where an arbitrator changed any data.”
    I think this is now out of date as the Arbitration Results Tab no longer exists.
    So the help page item for indexers needs to be updated by removing reference to the Arbitration Tab – as I understand it.

    1. You can still review the individual batch’s arbitration results. The only thing that has been removed is the cumulative percentage.

      1. That’s true as I have just found out. But when you first start indexing the tab is not present. It is only when your first batch has been processed that the tab appears. I found it a bit confusing at first but now the tab has just popped up and now it makes sense. I have reviewed the arbitration and am impressed at how well the process works. I had made a few mistakes even though I had been careful. The mistakes have been rectified so the arbitration process is working well as far as I have experienced. From my experience so far I think the arbitration process using duplicate indexing is working well. I will now continue indexing slowly and as accurately as possible.

    1. You will see it in the bottom right box with the 4 tabs. Click on “arbitration results” and you will see the Review Batches button. You may not see it because the batches you have worked on either have not yet been arbitrated or were arbitrated a long time ago and are no longer available to view.

      1. Just wondering when the browser based version will be available? I’ve been hearing for a year and a half that it’s in it’s final version…almost out! haha! Just anxious to have it out there!!! It would be a great Christmas present! 😉

        1. I totally understand that. The first collection was just published from what the pilot users have been doing so that is a major accomplishment. They’ve been trying to really make sure every bug or issue has been fixed and it has taken a lot longer than anticipated. I think it is really close. Not quite Christmas close, but maybe Rootstech close. But there is no official word yet. Stay tuned.