What’s New on FamilySearch.org—May 2015, Part 1

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Each month, FamilySearch publishes a list of new changes and updates to the FamilySearch.org website. This list includes changes to Family Tree as well as other parts of FamilySearch.org. In some cases, these changes will also be published as individual articles where the need to do so exists.

Status of the Redesigned Landscape View

The redesigned Landscape view has been released to all users.

SourceLinker: Duplicate Checking and Assuming “Deceased”

The SourceLinker attach tool helps you attach information from a record to people in Family Tree. If you add a new person from the record into Family Tree, the system will perform a duplicate check to make certain the person is not already in Family Tree.

In the past, even if a person lived more than 110 years ago, the system required you to mark that the person was deceased. Now, when you add a new person, the system will automatically mark the person as deceased if any event on the record happened more than 110 years ago.

SourceLinker: Opening an Image in a New Window

In the SourceLinker attach tool, you can click “Open in a new window” to view the record you are linking in a pop-up window. This popup does not have all of the controls found in the full image viewer.

The benefit is that the image in the pop-up does not close after you attach the record as a source. This lets you keep the image on your screen so that you can use it to look for more information.

Mobile Apps: Add and Edit People

We recently updated the Android and iOS mobile apps for Family Tree. You can now use the apps to edit existing information and add people to Family Tree. When you edit information, you are asked to supply a reason why you believe your changes are correct.

If your mobile device is not connected to the Internet, you can still use the app to view information, photos, and stories in Family Tree. You will need to be connected to the Internet to add people and edit information. This ensures the integrity of the data, and the update should increase your ability to find ancestors.

Adding People and Changing Information from the Person Screen

  • To add a person to someone’s record in Family Tree, tap the Add
  • To edit information, go to Details, tap the information, and tap the Edit
  • To remove information, go to Details, tap the information, and tap the Delete

Adding People from the Landscape or Descendancy View

  1. Tap the + icon.
  2. Enter the person’s information.
  3. Tap Continue.

Search Results on Small Screens: Improved Design

In search results on small screens (such as a phone), it is difficult to show three columns (name, events, and relationships). Now, when results are displayed on a small screen, the relationships column is hidden. You see a new drop-down control that lets you switch between the events and relationship columns.

A “Sticky” Column Header Row for Search Results

Before when you searched for a person, the column headings would scroll off the top of the screen, and you had to remember what information was listed in each column. Now when you are scrolling down search results, when the column headings get to the top of the screen, they will stay there, and the results will scroll below them.

This gives you the maximum screen area to evaluate multiple search results. This is especially helpful if you are expanding the results to view the record details. You can also see what information is in each column and adjust column width and placement.

Offsite Icon When an Image Is Available on Another Website

Sometimes a historical record on FamilySearch.org includes an image of the original record. Sometimes the historical record has only the information that was indexed, but you can see an image of the original record on another website. The records now have an icon that indicates that the image is on another website. This helps you know that when you click View Image, you will be going to a different website.

When an image of the original record is on FamilySearch.org, you see a small camera icon. When the image is on a different website, there is a small web page box behind the camera.

Family Tree: “View My Relationship” on the Details Page

A person’s detail page now displays a View My Relationship link for people in your scope of interest. (The scope of interest is 4 generations of ancestors and 1 generation of their descendants.) This is like the View My Relationship link in Memories. When you click View My Relationship, a chart shows how you are related to the person.

International Genealogical Index (IGI) Sources Added to Family Tree

The International Genealogical Index (IGI) was an index to many of the computer records created by the Church. The records were a source of information for many of the deceased people in Family Tree. We are adding the IGI sources to the Sources sections for those people. If a person had two or more records in the IGI, you may see multiple IGI sources listed. (If you click the source, you see a message that the source was an IGI record.)

We have moved about 100 million of the 500 million IGI sources to Family Tree and will continue until all of the records have been added.

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  1. On the “View My Relationship” on the details page it would be nice to have the relationship noted, as in ‘Second cousin’, or ‘greatgreatgrandfather’, or ‘third great grandfather’. Thanks for all your work.

    1. I totally agree! I really miss this feature and don’t understand why it was taken off. Thanks for all your work, but wish this feature was still available

  2. What can be done about duplicate sources being attached to family members.
    Are improvements being made to prevent this.

  3. Family Tree: “View My Relationship” on the Details Page.
    4 generations is not enough. I often find myself working from person to person and then ask, “where am I”, How am I related? But this is always more than 4 generations away from myself.

  4. I would still like to use the ‘old’ tree as the new landscape, with pictures takes longer to load, but there is no way showing that I can still use the old

    1. Frances, thanks for your feedback. We have gotten several requests to be able to use the old tree. I’m not sure if it will be available again, but keep checking back for updates on the new view, and to see if the old one becomes available again.

  5. When adding a mother or father I clicked on the icon, added the info, clicked continue and a search opened up looking for duplicates. There was no add button or anything else to add the person. When we went back to the landscape window the person wasn’t added. We had to go to the child’s info and add parent. Why wasn’t there an add or some kind of add button when the info was. entered directly?

    1. Nancy, if you scroll to the bottom of the possible duplicates it has an ‘add new’ option that you can click to add them!

  6. Re IGI Sources, I would like to be able to identify that a source is IGI before I click on the source. You could use an icon, color-code, or just say “IGI”. It would save me some time! Also, when I send messages to you, I wish the computer would fill in my information for me!

  7. Our family is considering adding stories about family members to the “person” page. How much room do we have to add info on each person? How many pictures?

    1. Hi Madelyn,

      Each memory can have a file size up to 15 megabytes and each submitter can post up to 5,000 memories per submitter.

      In the case of “Stories” which uses “text” only type files, each story could contain more than a 500 page book and still be under the 15 megabyte file size. Only one picture can be attached to each story.

      However, you could create a story with multiple pictures included in it in a “Word” type software and have it saved or printed as a PDF file and then place it in “Documents” rather than “Story”

      1. I think that the PDF is a great way to include pictures and story all behind one entry on the memories page, HOWEVER, When you look at that PDF entry, you cannot enlarge the print or the picture like you can if it’s a JPEG entry. The writing is so small sometimes, you need a magnifying glass up to the screen. Is that just the nature of PDF or can you make it so we can enlarge it. By the way I try to enlarge the font and everything enlarges but the box with the writing.

  8. Hi Kathy,

    You can easily enlarge to read any pdf document, by clicking on the 3 horizontal bars on the upper right book mark bar and then clicking several times on the “Zoom+” to get it to 175 or 200%. Then going to the bottom of the pdf window, a scrolling your mouse over the bottom of the page and clicking on the fill width icon. This will enlarge the pdf to your full width of the screen.

    I hope this helps.

  9. There is information on using a Research Log in our research. Can you add a Research Log option to the FamilySearch program that will allow us to enter research information on multiple individuals?

  10. Would love to see a function where we can view our relationship with ancestors that are further back than just 4 generations

  11. Need expanded relationships to show the direct line from one ancestor to another. For instance…while going through my family tree I just followed the names that interested me on my direct line back several generations. I found a name that interested me that had no parents listed and the line stopped. I have been working on her name, but now I can’t find the line down to me again to see how we are related! I can’t find her anywhere even though I know we are directly connected. Please update “view my relationship” to show all direct lines!

    1. That is a great suggestion. The best way to be sure that the engineers who can make the changes you suggest see your suggestions is to use the Feedback button at the bottom of every FamilySearch.org page. The engineers are required to view all the posts in the Feedback section, but they often do not have time to respond. If it has been posted there, it has been seen by those who can make the changes. It may take several months before a change can be implemented and not all suggestions or requests can be implemented.