What’s New on FamilySearch—July 2016

July 27, 2016  - by 
What's New on FamilySearch

Each month, FamilySearch publishes a list of new changes and updates to the FamilySearch.org website. This list includes changes to Family Tree as well as other parts of FamilySearch.org. In some cases, these changes will also be published as individual articles where the need to do so exists.





Recently Released

FamilySearch: List View in Memories Gallery

There is a new way to look at memories within your Gallery. The Gallery has new arrangement options as well as visibility for you to date and place information on each memory.

Note: The arrangement options will not show memories missing information. For example, if you select Title A-Z, only memories with titles will show, though your count on the My Memories album does not change.

FamilySearch: Memories Tab on the Family Tree People Page

The process of uploading or attaching memories to a person through the Memories tab on the Family Tree people page has been simplified. The single Add link to do both has been replaced by two buttons within each section: the first one, Upload Memory, uploads a new memory, and a second button, Select from Gallery, selects a memory from previously uploaded memories.

FamilySearch: People Page Updates in Memories

Updates to People page within Memories. 

  1. If a person is linked to your tree, the name of the person in Memories and the tag on each memory will now match the vital name showing in your Family Tree.

  2. The People page will default to the Close Relatives Show option.

  3. The Show option of Close Relatives will allow you to sort by options of Last Name and First Name. Last Name sort will then also sort by First Name. First Name will then also sort by Last Name. 


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  1. The copies of wills and inventories that used to be available to order were invaluable to my family history research and i wondered if there were any plans to make them available on line.

    1. Some of the counties in the United States have created a website where you can view and print out the wills and the land records. You could also write to the county to get the will.

      Now in FamilySearch, you can also find them under the records section. They will be listed by state. Then you will search by the county. You will find many types of records in this section.

  2. Source attachments to our records enhance the needed validity of our work. These new innovations to the ‘Memories’ feature are a great help towards furthering the needed cause of genuine information in the genealogical information system globally.

  3. These changes are great but I can’t get familysearch to work on my home computer about 80% of the time.

  4. Thank you for making this so easy to save our families histories and more than just a name and a date.
    I have family photos of family and friends from before the Civil War. My mother has written over 600 family stories. Now I can add them to the family members. My mother and grandmother liked sharing our family history stories when we were kids.
    I just hope I live long enough to put them all into FamilySearch.
    I love this work and may you all be blessed as we are.

  5. Have you stopped publishing new records that have been added? It seems like a few months since I have seen the update of new records. I find that update to be helpful.

    1. Any idea on when the Sicilian records that were digitized earlier this summer but taken offline will be made available, either at Family History Centers or online in general? Beyond “soon”, that is? 🙂

  6. As you list statistics, could you be a little more exact. Do we have so many records on the system or so many distinct individuals? Are there any projects to combine the existing duplicate records or is that work being strictly left to the individual families? Based on my own experience combining duplicate records for individuals who were part of the extraction programs, I feel the numbers of people in the database are grossly overstated. The parents are listed again and again, once for each child.

    1. I think you are confusing two different things. Records that are published by FS are to help document the existence of our family members. Those pesky duplicate parent records result from extraction and submissions by people like us. It’s up to us to use the records to the extent possible to document why a family grouping is justified. I find that some people have submitted people as both genders, or in the wrong family (incorrect parents). It is a lot of work to clean up a family, then document each person to the extent possible with records.