New Online Training Now Available

March 20, 2014  - by 

Several new research classes have been added to the Learning Center on The new training includes courses in Swedish, Danish, and Czech research, as well as 8 Spanish language research courses.




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  1. They continue to make outstanding improvement in what you can do with F.S…. but I wonder who are these for, really? As Family History Consultants, were are advised NOT to make genealogists out of our clients. Yet, the message I garner when I see these type of releases is that in reality, that is exactly what they want us to do.

    1. From almost any page in Family Tree click the Search Button on the top navigation bar and in the submenu select Genealogies. At the bottom of that page you will find a button Labeled Submit Tree where you can upload a GEDCOM.

  2. Thank you for the newsletter. I have one problem with it. I find the new Spanish classes in the letter, but where can I find them to use them in my classes???? Can they be downloaded? We would love to do that if we can. I want my classes to see these lessons. I teach Spanish only classes at the St George Family Search Library. Thank you

  3. New training for the above courses means not only having access to these resources, but how to find the information we need to do the ordinances for our ancestors?

    I could not get anything to happen regarding the above research classes – nothing.

  4. The 3 Swedish research training modules by GF Morris are great, but when one goes to find the emigraten popular or the emibas databases to which he refers in, they cannot be found. The website refers to for both of them,, is permanently down and the center in Væxjö is closed as of November 12, 2013. I assume the Fam Hist Lib in SLC has the cd sets- right? Where else can we access them? Morris vaguely suggests that we find someone that has them- who? He? What is FS doing to update the Swedish Emigration Databases and Index page on this matter?

  5. I answered my question about where to get the Emigranten Popular CD. the correct webpage is or as found on the FS Swedish Census page
    Perhaps the links could be updated. These links are to buy the CD which costs about 70 dollars US including postage

  6. My is blown every time I see new training online and think of all the resources that are available to the world, that we might pursue the identification of our ancestors. Thank You so much!