Explore Your Global Heritage with the New FamilySearch Country Pages

May 17, 2019  - by 

We are all proud of where we come from. Whether you’re a first-generation immigrant, or you have just discovered your roots by taking a DNA test, your national heritage is an intrinsic part of who you are. Your international roots tell you about a lot more than just yourself—knowing where you come from is an integral step to learning about your ancestors.

FamilySearch’s country pages provide resources for those seeking to learn more about their heritage across the globe. Each page contains information that teaches where your family comes from, gives resources to help you start your research, and provides links to FamilySearch’s records collections for that country.

Explore the FamilySearch country pages by clicking the links below! You might learn something about yourself, where you come from, or the world around you.

If you don’t see the country you are looking for, check back. We’ll be adding more!

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  1. This is amazing. What a wonderful idea. My background is Eastern European Jewish. I would love to see aspects like these addressed. Thankyou so much for all you do.

  2. It is great to see information on Ireland, but I need records and burial information for ancestors who came from Valencia (Valentia) Island, Kerry County, Ireland. Thank you.

  3. This is a great resource. Is there an easy way to access these pages from the FamilySearch Home page? I followed an email link to get here, but can’t find a path from Familysearch to show others.

    1. We don’t have a direct link from FamilySearch, but our domain is pretty easy to remember! Just tell people to go to familysearch.org/blog.