Five Ways the Temple Provides Individuals the Power to Cope

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Financial difficulty. Chronic illness. Loneliness. Divorce. Natural disasters. Death. Life is full of adversity. In fact, it’s inevitable. So, how do you cope and move forward with hope when life, at times, can feel hopeless?

During the worldwide Women’s Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, General Relief Society President Linda K. Burton offered this counsel: “We can receive inspiration and revelation in the temple and also power to cope with the adversities of life.” – Linda K. Burton, (Prepared in a Manner That Never Had Been Known.)  Inspiration. Revelation. Power. Who wouldn’t want more of that in their life?

In the video presentation, The Holy Temple, which was shared at the women’s conference, real women from around the world, shared real, personal examples of how attending the temple helped them to cope with the trials of life.

Here are five ways they say attending the temple has helped them.

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With the busyness and chaos of school, work, and family often comes a longing for calm. Within the walls of the temple, where we are forced to be quiet and still, that calm, both physically and spiritually, can be found.

Of a visit to the temple, one woman said, “while we were there I felt like I was very far from my problems, and that I was very close to my Heavenly Father.”

A young woman added, “I did not feel like I was on earth. I thought I was in heaven.”

The effect of visiting a “heaven on earth”, affects our outlook on life and refocuses our sights on eternal priorities. When visited regularly, the peace felt in the temple can carry into our daily activities.

Brings learning

Understanding that adversity is a part of life, and that mortal life is simply a small part of our existence, helps us to better bear our burdens. That understanding comes over time as we learn more about God’s plan of happiness.

“The more we go to the temple, the more we will learn,” one woman said. “The Lord will reveal to us more truths.”

“My husband and I were sealed together five years ago in the Hong Kong temple,” another woman added. “The things we were taught in the temple became a shield for us in our lives.”

In the temple, we learn of eternal things that help to broaden our perspective on life.

Brings the Spirit

In the holy temple, we learn how to be like God. Within its walls, we feel His spirit and His love as we make the sacred covenants that will help prepare us to live with Him again one day.

“The temple means a lot to me because the first time I went there, I could feel the Holy Spirit,” said a youth. “For my first visit to the temple, I prepared and saved money each month. I also prepared myself so that I was spiritually worthy.”

As we prepare to enter to the temple, sometimes making both temporal and spiritual sacrifices to do so, we strengthen our faith and enhance our temple experience.

Brings comfort

When the whirlwinds of life descend, the temple can be a refuge in the storm.

“No matter your predicament, no matter your trouble, no matter your sickness, when you attend the temple you will be refreshed and renewed,” said one sister emphatically. “You’ll feel happy, you’ll feel the blessings, that I can’t express now.”

Another woman spoke of attending the temple alone and finding comfort there.

“As I have gone to the temple I have been able to be comforted in a time of need and actually of despair. I organized babysitters for my children and I took that trip down and went alone. I knew Heavenly Father had a plan for me and He had answers for me. “

Brings eternal blessings

Death comes to all of us. But we learn through the gospel of Jesus Christ that mortal death is not the end. Through ordinances only performed in the temple, family relationships can last forever.

In the “Holy Temple” video presentation, a young woman shares how difficult it was to lose her mother to cancer when she was only 10 years old.

“It was really hard, but when I first started learning from the missionaries about families being sealed in the temple, I really wanted to go to the temple,” she said.

To prepare to attend the temple, she prepared to baptize her mother vicariously.

“Going to the temple for the first time was amazing. I felt the Spirit stronger than I ever have. I brought my mom’s name and it felt like she was smiling down on me saying ‘Thank you so much for doing this.’”

That same feeling of happiness can be yours as you find your own family members who need temple ordinances, and take those names to the temple, allowing family relationships to extend beyond the grave.

To see more real examples of how the temple can help you cope with the adversities of life, including the story of a mother who lost six of her children, watch the five-minute video, “The Holy Temple”.

How has the temple helped you to cope with the adversities of life?


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  1. There have been times in my life (including now) when, because of my young children or distance living from the temple, I am unable to attend the temple as often as I would like. I still found peace from the temple.

    When I lived 2 hours from the temple in Albuquerque and didn’t have time for sessions as I drove through on business, I would take the extra hour to drive off the highway, park in the parking lot, and say a prayer. I would sing a temple song with my children in the back seat and tell them how special and important that place was. If we needed to get out and stretch, we could go up and touch its walls. It was worth the extra travel time to reflect on my covenants and the great blessings that were being held out to me. The trip was always more pleasant after that stop, as well.

    Now, I live half a mile from a temple, but time to attend is still a struggle. However, just today, I parked there and prayed as my son napped in the back seat. I promised Heavenly Father that I would attend as soon as I could and prayed for time and energy to do so. Yes, the temple brings great blessings when we remember our covenants with the Lord.

    1. Thank you for your comments, Mags. Because of circumstances in my life, I have not been able to attend the temple for some time, but, like you, I have found peace, solace and strength from making the time to drive to the temple and sit in the parking lot. As I reflect upon the covenants I have made and the promises I have been given, my desires and faith are renewed and strengthened.

      As simple as it might sound, for me right now, making this effort is so important. I find that just as the adversary and worldly distractions/commitments keep others from attending the temple to do the work inside the walls, those same distractions and negative influences try to keep me away from receiving the blessings I get just by being on the grounds.

  2. The temple truly is a place of refuge and revelation. All the worldly cares & concerns just fade out of my mind whenever I am inside the temple. I faced a lot of persecutions and oppositions before and on the day of my Temple Marriage, but when I was already inside the Celestial Room and the Sealing Room with my husband, I could feel nothing but the calming peace & assurance that Heavenly Father was well-pleased with my decision. And that was all that mattered. The temple helps me filter out what really, really matters. I can feel the Spirit strongly there, as if I could hear and feel my Father’s voice directly. When I go out of the temple, I feel an increased love for Heavenly Father and for others, a stronger desire to share the restored gospel to them.

  3. I wish the Temple could be what it was for me before I was Endowed. I am at a loss as to how to feel the Spirit the way I did in the Baptistry. It is not for a lack of trying that I don’t. I’m just so sad that sweet Spirit somehow isn’t with me when I do sessions. If only this trial would go away. The Temple has always been my favorite place and my “safe place”. But now just thinking about going causes anxiety and there aren’t any counselors I can go to for this. I have prayed and spoken with the Temple Presidency in more than one Temple and just wish I could go back to knowing peace instead of anxiety in the House of the Lord. I’ve even been a Temple Worker and still I am at a loss as to why this is my lot.

    1. Hang in there Ellen. You are doing the right thing by going to the temple. Stay strong, your Heavenly Father loves you and will help you.

  4. When I was younger and attended the temple to do baptism, I really didn’t fully appreciate what it meant to be there. As I have gotten a bit older, I have learn to fully appreciate the time and moments of being within the temple. The temple has been my personal refuge from the world. I have experienced to divorces. one was a temple marriage and the other was not. The second one, I was lead to believe that he wanted a temple marriage, but in time it was just a facade. As I have looked back on the 6 years of my life. I have been so blessed to have had the opportunities to feel the love and guidance of our Heavenly Father within the wall so of his house. There is no place on this earth to be that close, than to spend the day with the Lord and feel the comfort away from the outside world. The temple has been a place to help me make hard choices in my life without the distractions of life. I have had an opportunity to serve in the temple and done many ordinances for family. I can honestly testify that attending the temple will only strengthen your testimony and bring you the peace that you desire. Leave the outside world outside and enjoy the moment with Heavenly Father.