Five Ways the Temple Provides Individuals the Power to Cope

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Financial difficulty. Chronic illness. Loneliness. Divorce. Natural disasters. Death. Life is full of adversity. In fact, it’s inevitable. So, how do you cope and move forward with hope when life, at times, can feel hopeless?

During the worldwide Women’s Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, General Relief Society President Linda K. Burton offered this counsel: “We can receive inspiration and revelation in the temple and also power to cope with the adversities of life.” – Linda K. Burton, (Prepared in a Manner That Never Had Been Known.)  Inspiration. Revelation. Power. Who wouldn’t want more of that in their life?

In the video presentation, The Holy Temple, which was shared at the women’s conference, real women from around the world, shared real, personal examples of how attending the temple helped them to cope with the trials of life.

Here are five ways they say attending the temple has helped them.

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With the busyness and chaos of school, work, and family often comes a longing for calm. Within the walls of the temple, where we are forced to be quiet and still, that calm, both physically and spiritually, can be found.

Of a visit to the temple, one woman said, “while we were there I felt like I was very far from my problems, and that I was very close to my Heavenly Father.”

A young woman added, “I did not feel like I was on earth. I thought I was in heaven.”

The effect of visiting a “heaven on earth”, affects our outlook on life and refocuses our sights on eternal priorities. When visited regularly, the peace felt in the temple can carry into our daily activities.

Brings learning

Understanding that adversity is a part of life, and that mortal life is simply a small part of our existence, helps us to better bear our burdens. That understanding comes over time as we learn more about God’s plan of happiness.

“The more we go to the temple, the more we will learn,” one woman said. “The Lord will reveal to us more truths.”

“My husband and I were sealed together five years ago in the Hong Kong temple,” another woman added. “The things we were taught in the temple became a shield for us in our lives.”

In the temple, we learn of eternal things that help to broaden our perspective on life.

Brings the Spirit

In the holy temple, we learn how to be like God. Within its walls, we feel His spirit and His love as we make the sacred covenants that will help prepare us to live with Him again one day.

“The temple means a lot to me because the first time I went there, I could feel the Holy Spirit,” said a youth. “For my first visit to the temple, I prepared and saved money each month. I also prepared myself so that I was spiritually worthy.”

As we prepare to enter to the temple, sometimes making both temporal and spiritual sacrifices to do so, we strengthen our faith and enhance our temple experience.

Brings comfort

When the whirlwinds of life descend, the temple can be a refuge in the storm.

“No matter your predicament, no matter your trouble, no matter your sickness, when you attend the temple you will be refreshed and renewed,” said one sister emphatically. “You’ll feel happy, you’ll feel the blessings, that I can’t express now.”

Another woman spoke of attending the temple alone and finding comfort there.

“As I have gone to the temple I have been able to be comforted in a time of need and actually of despair. I organized babysitters for my children and I took that trip down and went alone. I knew Heavenly Father had a plan for me and He had answers for me. “

Brings eternal blessings

Death comes to all of us. But we learn through the gospel of Jesus Christ that mortal death is not the end. Through ordinances only performed in the temple, family relationships can last forever.

In the “Holy Temple” video presentation, a young woman shares how difficult it was to lose her mother to cancer when she was only 10 years old.

“It was really hard, but when I first started learning from the missionaries about families being sealed in the temple, I really wanted to go to the temple,” she said.

To prepare to attend the temple, she prepared to baptize her mother vicariously.

“Going to the temple for the first time was amazing. I felt the Spirit stronger than I ever have. I brought my mom’s name and it felt like she was smiling down on me saying ‘Thank you so much for doing this.’”

That same feeling of happiness can be yours as you find your own family members who need temple ordinances, and take those names to the temple, allowing family relationships to extend beyond the grave.

To see more real examples of how the temple can help you cope with the adversities of life, including the story of a mother who lost six of her children, watch the five-minute video, “The Holy Temple”.

How has the temple helped you to cope with the adversities of life?


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  1. The Temple is uplifting but can also dash one’s spiritual state when in the sealing rooms some one constantly criticizes your hold for one reason or another this after bargaining a price fro some food in the canteen then if you can survive that when you leave you get defended buy the horrendous noise of the M61 dashing buy as you leave for home wondering why a Temple was built next to a busy motor way?

    1. I am a Temple Worker and Coordinator. I have learned that if you want to feel the spirit and commune with your Heavenly Father you must not bring into the Temple the spirit of contention. You are not at the Temple to talk, you are there to listen, learn, and serve the Lord and those who have a need of Temple ordinances. Leave criticism and worldly thoughts and TALK at the Temple Door. If you serve you will feel the Spirit. If you come to the Temple to socialize you will not feel the spirit. Think about it.

      1. I have been in locker rooms at work where the guys will talk about sports or work or family. When I go to the temple, usually the locker room there is a challenge for me. I think it is part of the temple and the casual talk should be left outside the building. MUST I communicate about last nights game? I think not. No need to even whisper. I am trying to communicate without words with my Father.

      2. I do have to agree the temple is there so that people can talk to the Lord to find answers to prayers. Also for the work for those on the other side so that they can through proxy can enter in to Heavenly Fathers presents and learn of the gospel every time I’m able to go to the temple the spirit is so strong. I can testify in the name of Jesus Christ that the work in the temple is sacred and when people are going to talk with there Heavenly Father in prayer they can get so much more out of the visit as a missionary I have learned this. For the temple is the house of the Lord so much peace a place of refuge from the world a place that we can look towards heaven. I ask when we are learning the gospel are we learning heaven are we putting forth our best efforts to achieve our goals so that we can enter back into Gods presents? or are we just going through the motions and not caring for the youth I pray that they can find there testimony of the truth of the gospel for themselves instead of sitting back and not searching for it like I did until I decided to serve my mission my learning changed and I learned things that I didn’t even know from some great missionary s.

      3. I agree the Temple is for working in and strengthening our testimony.It is a place of peace where the spirit can be felt all the time.I spent a week there & didn’t want to go home. I just wanted to do more work these people have waited long time for there work to be done.I look forward to my next trip there.for a week this takes planing and saving, but it is well worth it it keeps me humble to as I work on been the best I can be .

    2. temples are placed in spiritally chosen spots. the world (a brother told brigham young that every time we begin to build a temple the bells of hell ring Brigham Young said i want to hear those bells loudly clanging as we move forward with the work of the lord.
      i am from Logan Utah. the hill the temple is built on has 3 faults that run all around it;kinda like a triangle. that hill can rise or fall and the temple will not be harmed. i don’t see that as a coincidence heavenly father knows where he want to place the temples. and inspires his chosen servants where it is that he wants them. he knowing the geography of the earth better than we can understand, as for having a temple close to traffic could be Satan ringing those bells again. peaceful quiet music played in your vehicle can block out the sounds all around.

    3. the ordinances of the temple are exact because they are set forth by God our Eternal Father. the lord chastises those he loves. chastisement is his way of correcting and teaching us the correct way so that we can do it better in the future. a child that adds 2+2=5 must be taught the correct answer. it is not meant to be unkind but is to teach correct principals so they can govern themselves and get the correct answer in the future.

  2. Making temple worship a priority in my life has blessed me in countless ways! The fear and anxiety I used to feel for the future, has been replaced with sure faith in God that has empowered me to depend more fully on the Savior and His plan for my family. My prayers are more powerful and I see the Lord’s hand in my life more clearly. My gratitude has increased and I see more beauty and goodness all around me. I am happier and I feel like I have aligned myself more with the Lord’s will.

  3. Thanks so much for this article! I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on the temple and how it can separate us from the chaos of our daily lives. We have been experience some great hardships in our family and after attending the temple a few days ago, I have felt the peace that passes all understanding. Thanks again!

  4. The temple seems to change my spirit. When I attend, over time I gradually and naturally feel more patient and kind almost without effort. It has been a great blessing to my busy life with six children. It has given me the spiritual nature I need to be successful with them. I am grateful for the gift of the temple.

    1. Good for you Sister. It seems like the Temple is strengthening your Spirit so that it will be more in control of your mortal body when it comes to patients and calmness. Let the Lord take control of your body when you lose control it.

  5. I always feel energized and renewed after being in the Temple. It refreshes me and I can handle the everyday trials and stresses so much easier after being nearer Heavenly Father

    1. I know what you mean, when I leave the Temple I feel so much better and have better outlook on life. I pray that more Brothers and Sister would go to the Temple often and they too will see how much of a burden it can lift off of them when they leave.

  6. I never feel more like a daughter of God than I do when I attend the temple, and see in many ways, the sanctification of myself and my family members – some of whom are non-members. I know my Heavenly Father loves me when I am in the temple of our God.

  7. When I go to the Temple the whole world is shut out when those doors of the Lord closes. Nothing but peace and love is inside, I never want to leave most of the time knowing where I’m headed back out to. I love to come and visit the Lord at least once a month and I know he loves to see me each time I come.

    1. that peace surpasses all understanding! to try to explain it to someone that hasn’t felt that peace is like trying to explain salt to someone who has never tasted salt

  8. I don’t learn something every time and there are times I don’t enjoy my experience (because of physical issues), but I know I’m doing work that is necessary and I can feel good about that.
    I always appreciate the beauty of my surroundings.

    1. preparing yourself for the temple is a good way to help yourself feel the spirit. spiritual preparation is as important or more important than putting on nice clothes.
      i am also disabled and need much assistance to dress. so i understand it being hard physically to go but the joy and peace that is available only in the temple for me far surpasses all physical limits.

  9. Temple is the house of the Lord where our prayers are answered when praying in faith .
    Temple is place where families can sealed together for eternity through the priesthood power of God. I love to see the Temple !!

  10. this article helped me refocus my thoughts on the peace and joy of the temple.
    i had planned to go to the temple today but i woke up with a bad headache and cough. i decided it would be better for every one, temple workers and other patrons if i stayed at home today. i sit on the front row so any germs i have would have circulated throughout the entire temple; especially the sisters.
    i am missing being in the temple but i have a weak left side.being kinda dizzy on top of that could cause me to fall.

  11. I know these things are true. That is why I can’t wait to come back again 5 months from now to receive my endowment. Because I know and feel that it will protect me and strengthen me more with the adversities I’m experiencing right now.

  12. The temple is truly a house of God. A house of worship, peace, comfort, rest, and spiritual power. I have a strong testimony that as we attend the temple we receive strength in our lives that we could receive no other way. I got sent home from my mission early due to illness, each week when I would/ do enter the temple I feel happy, I know that God lives, and that he has a plan for ME, a plan of happiness and the plan that will help me be the best I can be. I know that the temple is a house of God, that he walks in the temple often. When we go and partake of the blessings it has to offer our lives are blessed and we can be in his spirit at all times.

  13. The Temple is the place i run to when things are rough. Sometimes it has been tough to attend, but i have always been blessed when i go. I always describe going to the Temple as visiting Home! There can be so much strength and peace found there.

  14. The Temple is such a special place. It is worth EVERY sacrifice, big or small, to attend. I am grateful to live so close to a temple.