Seven Ways to Preserve and Share Your Family Story Today

July 25, 2017  - by 
7 tips to preserve your family stories today.

by Rachel Coleman

Our family stories are complex dramas with many threads, villains and heroes, hard times and good times. How do we capture the richness of our stories with all their vitality and uniqueness? How do we convey the deep desires, the devastating setbacks and the celebrated triumphs? Preserving these narratives for future generations and sharing them with your loved ones might feel overwhelming. Here are a several options to inspire you to start today.

1. Put together a scrapbook. Take new photos and gather old photos of your ancestors and living relatives, and preserve them in a scrapbook for future generations to enjoy. Label or tag the photos with names and dates so the people can be identified.

2. Record a video. Interview family members about childhood memories, significant life events, favorite scriptures, or their testimonies. For some interview questions sure to spark engaging and enlightening conversation, check out StoryCorps’s lists of Great Questions. There’s something for practically anyone and any type of relationship.

3. Make a recipe book of your favorite family recipes or recipes that your ancestors would likely have used in their location and time period. If you have recipes from specific ancestors, save them online at in that ancestor’s profile. Or create a recipe book out of a collection of recipes, and share them with other family members.

4. Designate a special shelf for precious family objects in your home. When family members come to visit, share the stories about the memorabilia.

5. Go digital. Collect existing video tapes, 8mm film reel, or compact discs, and convert them to a digital format. Save the files in a family Google Drive or Dropbox folder, which the family can access and add to at any time, or upload the files to

6. Make a quilt from scraps of material worn by different family members or from fabrics, shapes, and designs that symbolize your family story. Snuggle your loved ones with it while you share the stories woven in.

7. Write your own story. Your story is an integral thread of your family’s story. Join the #52Stories challenge to help you find the time, motivation, and inspiration to write them down. It doesn’t matter if you write by hand or by keyboard or record the stories using a voice recorder—only that you document it. Share your story on your FamilySearch Family Tree profile so your loved ones can access your story today and always.

Try these 7 simple ways to preserve your family story.

Some of these ideas could be completed in an afternoon or on a rainy day. Others will take time to compile. So many of us don’t have significant chunks of time to devote to family history research, record creation, or preservation. However, we all have single minutes. A word here and a sentence there adds up to a chapter and then, over time, to a whole story. Our family stories can be preserved and shared in the single minutes we do have.

Start writing yours today.


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  1. Thank you for this amazing resource of ideas and questions. Given the pandemic, we are looking for fruitful ideas to keep us gainfully busy!

  2. Hi I always find your emails and site very helpful. I will be changing my email address in a couple of weeks.

  3. Thanks very much for the ideas to compile our family history…. although it’s not easy, because on the olden days, there was no cameras and videos, but will strive to do our best as we can.
    Kind regards
    Monica Ndyolo.

  4. This is an exciting work although some of it I have started a long time ago and now it reminds me to continue what I have started. Thank you …

  5. woow. iniciare mañana mismo. me encantan cada una de las ideas. Gracias

    Google Translate – Spanish to English: woow. I will start tomorrow. I love each of the ideas. Thank you

  6. I love the ideas, but I am finding it hard to get started on with my research into my family tree as I only know a bit about my family history