Three Ways to Use FamilySearch Family Tree

June 15, 2017  - by 
Choose one of these methods to easily access FamilySearch Family Tree.

by Kathryn Grant

Did you know that there are three versions of FamilySearch’s Family Tree you can use as you help others with their family history? Deciding which one to use can be an essential part of helping others have a positive and joyful experience as they find their ancestors.


Versions of Family Tree

All three allow you to do common tasks like searching for a person, viewing vital information and relationships, adding and editing information, or submitting names for temple ordinances. But there are differences between each of the three versions as well. The following guidelines can help you decide which version to use as you prepare a personalized lesson and work one on one with others.

Use the Family Tree mobile app when the person you are helping:

  • Use the Family Tree mobile app to find relatives near you.
    Is a youth or adult who prefers (or has only) a mobile device like a tablet or phone. 

  • Has a data plan or wifi for the mobile device.

  • Wants access to Family Tree on the go.

  • Wants to take pictures or record audio to add to Family Tree.

  • Wants to view Family Tree persons and memories offline.

Use the full version of Family Tree when the person you are helping:

  • How to use the FamilySearch website to access Family Tree.
    Will be working on a desktop or laptop computer.

  • Prefers a large screen.

  • Has high bandwidth internet access.

  • Wants to see all information for an individual or family.

  • Wants to use the full range of Family Tree features.

Use Family Tree Lite when the person you are helping:

  • Use Family Tree lite for a simpler experience.
    Is a youth or beginner who would benefit from a simpler experience.

  • Wants to use Family Tree on a mobile phone without installing an app.

  • Has low bandwidth internet access.

  • Needs to see only vital information, family relationships, and ordinance information.

  • Doesn’t need to add sources or attach memories.

  • Will not be printing charts or ordinance cards.

Although you can’t print ordinance cards directly using Family Tree Lite, it does provide a 16-digit family ordinance request number that you can take to the temple so cards can be printed there. (You can get the same 16-digit family ordinance request number through the mobile app or full version of Family Tree, although both allow you to print ordinance cards directly.)

With three different versions of Family Tree, you can choose the one that is just right for the person you’re helping.


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