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Family Tree is a collaborative, universal pedigree best worked on together. A key ingredient of that collaboration is the ability to make changes, updates, additions, and the capability to carry on a conversation with those you are working with. That conversation just got a lot easier.

A new user-to-user messaging system called FamilySearch Messaging has launched, fulfilling one of our most common feature requests. The new messaging system connects every FamilySearch user in a private network that uses the Contact Name (already public) instead of a user’s email address or other contact information.

How it works

Think of it like text messaging on New conversations between users can be initiated on the Person Card anywhere on the site where a change or addition has been made to Family Tree.

In a typical scenario, you may discover some new vital (birth, marriage, death) information added by another researcher. If you want to send the user a message, you would:

  1. Click on their Contact Name link, which pops his or her Contact Card.
  1. Locate the new, blue “Send a Message” link with a paper airplane logo. Click it. 
  1. Clicking the link brings up a New Message window. The To: and About: fields are pre-populated with the recipient’s name and a link to the originating person page, respectively. (Tip: You can also choose to delete the About: field).
  1. Fill in the subject and the message.
  1. Click Send, and the message is off.

You can track the conversation, text-message-style, in the new messages panel, which is accessible through the Messages link now found on the home page at the top right of the window next to the Volunteer and Get Help links. The Messages link will be accessible from the other pages of the site soon. Clicking “Show All” will open the messages panel where you can read, reply, or delete any of the messages you have sent or received.


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  1. I have, in the past, done some indexing for Family Search. Now, before I am allowed to continue indexing, I am bombarded with questions and eventually abandon the exercise. I figure, in this present crisis, the sooner we can get records ‘on line’ the better . Not only is the virus keeping me home-bound, I care for my, mentally disabled, 85-year-old husband and cannot leave him unattended, so visiting Family History Libraries, is out of the question. Is there any way I could get a code allowing me to access all the Family Search files – I have been visiting your libraries in South Africa and now in Australia, for over 40 years and am not about to abuse the privilege. Thank you.

    1. HI! What line are you working on? I know quite a bit about Family History and am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.