Two New Updates to Family Tree

December 23, 2013  - by has two new features that have either already been implemented into Family Tree or will be coming shortly.

  • The Family Tree now has a What’s New link.
  • This week, the FamilySearch home page will show more data from your family tree when the Family Tree image is active on the carousel (that part of the home page with the pictures that change from Fan Chart to Photos, Family Tree, etc.)



Family Tree: What’s New

Family Tree has added a What’s New link. This will let us keep all of our users updated with news of new features. The link is located on the page header.

Family Tree Whats New




Clicking this link takes you to the most recent articles about Family Tree on the FamilySearch blog.

RSS Feed Receive Notification











The FamilySearch blog posts articles that are relevant and important to all our users. This is where we communicate changes and updates to FamilySearch as well as additions to our record collections.

Over time, we expect all of the major sections of FamilySearch (search, photos, etc.) to also include a similar link, so we can help keep people informed about updates to other parts of the site as well. Home Page: Your Pedigree Shows on Carousel

Currently on the home page, when you click the Family Tree option, you see your own name on the first spot on the pedigree. But there are only labels for spouse, father, mother, etc.

If the current plans hold, this display will change somewhat on 5 December. Instead of the labels, you will see names of your spouse, parents, and in-laws if that data is available in Family Tree. This should be working in all character sets, including the Asian ones.

Below is currently what the screen looks like.

Family Tree of Steve Anderson  Yelverton 1









Below is what the news format will look like.

Family Tree of Steve Anderson  Yelverton 3












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  1. When I try to pull up my family the only thing I get is the FAN version and does not show all the info I need. I click on the pedigree icon and the fan comes back up.

    1. Try three things, and if they don’t work, contact FamilySearch Help desk.

      1. Restart your browser.

      2. Clear the cookies, then restart your browser.

      3. Use a different browser. If you’re using Internet Explorer, you should install and use Chrome or Firefox instead.

    2. Harold,
      On the left side of the screen it will say view : Traditional with a down arrow, Click the arrow, you’ll see the choices there are.
      Fan Chart
      Just click on the one you would like to see, and change it any time you would like to the check mark shows which one you have at the moment.

    1. For those who want to print a pedigree without LDS ordinance information, we simply created a “non-member” account so we could do this. Now our non-member families are energetically working on family history! It was the only way we could find to do it! Good luck!!!

    2. Merrill, if you go to your settings page, there is a block there that you can uncheck that will remove the LDS ordinances from the pages viewed. I would assume that if you print your pedigree chart in that mode, the ordinances would not appear on the printed page.

    3. Merrill, just tested Bill Cuff’s method and it works great. Good job Bill! (Settings/Preferences/Uncheck LDS ordinances)
      Andrea, creating bogus non-member accounts can’t be good thing. Try Bill’s approach.