New Updated 5 Minute Genealogy Series Now Available

January 3, 2013  - by 

The popular 5 Minute Genealogy series has been revised and updated to reflect new information and provide a fresh feel to the series. Our popular spokeswoman Jessie, still narrates the series and does so in a way that makes it all sound so doable and so easy. In fact, it really is easier than most people think genealogy is. She walks the viewer through each video segment in the series and does it in such a way as to remove any sense of mystery that people may associate with doing genealogy work.

Episode 1 focuses on the 5 minute challenge, which is the foundation of this series. Jessie first shows, through her own experience, that by using, the average person really can find a record of their ancestor within the first 5 minutes of searching. She then goes to a local café and finds people at random to test the 5 minute theory. Time after time, users are delighted to discover that they can find an ancestor so quickly and with relatively little effort within the first few minutes of their search.

Anyone who teaches a class on doing basic research will find that all of segments that make up the 5 Minute Genealogy series are an excellent tool to use in any class room environment. They work great in family history centers as well where patrons often come to learn how to start doing their own research. The content is easy to follow and informative and is fun to watch. Jessie keeps the viewer engaged and teaches them some valuable basic strategies for doing their own research.

Whether you use these revised 5 Minute Genealogy video clips to teach a class or simply to learn for yourself how to do basic research, you will find them easy to follow and a lot of fun. They show just how easy starting your own research can be.

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  1. I work at the Oakland Family Search Library and am very happy these are being updated. They were extremely helpful when assisting new patrons.

    I remember when I first found them it was recommended to view them sequentially. That was when they were in the Getting Started section of the Learn Tab. Then they disappeared and when I relocated them the sequencing was off.

    I just quickly looked at what is there now and noticed the sequencing is still off. For the beginner that numbering seems very beneficial.

    Any plans to reinstate the sequential numbering at some point so that new people know what to do next?

    I really enjoy the blog it is so informative and helpful. Thank you so much!


    Bonnie Mattson

  2. I love hearing about updating these learning tools. I’ve enjoyed them very much. Jessie does a wonderful job! She is the face of the 5 min videos but, I’m sure there are many behind the scenes to make them successful! I want to thank you for this blog post so I can thank everyone who puts these out for us to use!

  3. I would like to echo Bonnie’s comments above. It would be beneficial if there was a site where all of these 5-Minute Videos were located, and in sequential order. They are TREMENDOUSLY helpful for classes / firesides. I have even thought of showing them at the beginning of Priesthood Opening Exercises / Relief Society (similar to Missionary Moments). Unfortunately, the videos can be difficult to track down.

  4. I’m glad they have been updated, but where do they live? I can’t find them at all. Anyone have a clue where they currently live or how to search and find them.