Meet the United States and Canada Research Team at the Family History Library

September 6, 2019  - by 
A painting of pilgrims arriving in the US

Want to learn more about your ancestors who came to North America? Maybe they fought in the Revolutionary War, or perhaps your ancestors were part of Canada’s French colonies.

Either way, the Family History Library’s United States and Canada research team can help you discover the stories of your ancestors from the sometimes overwhelming spectrum of United States and Canadian history.

Meet the Team

Each member of the team has unique expertise in helping others research their family history.

  • Carol Smith is the manager. We are sorry to say that she is retiring this year, but she has contributed much to what the team is today.
  • Beth Taylor helps research areas such as DNA, probate, and land. She is also great at keeping everything together and organized.
  • Lyn Rasmussen is an expert at African American family history, Native American family history, and Southern United States topics and records.
  • Tim Bingaman focuses his research on all parts of the broad and varied United States, especially Pennsylvania.
  • Mallory Kempter and Cara Jones are the team’s hardworking contractors.  

The team runs both the second and third floors of the Family History Library. Because the team covers a lot of ground, teamwork and coordination are some of their greatest strengths.

Staying Up-To-Date

The team works hard to keep their knowledge current. Along with their one-on-one work with guests at the library, the team schedules a variety of conferences and institutes to attend throughout the year. This participation allows them to be savvy to the newest strategies, records, and technologies related to genealogy.


Signing of the declaration of independence

Perhaps the most impressive quality is this team’s ability to help you with all the different localities in the area they research. They are an English-speaking team, but you wouldn’t know it from the wide variety of records they work with. These records may include French records in Quebec, Spanish ones in the southwest, Polish papers in Chicago, or Irish documents that from Boston.

Some areas have more genealogical records than others, but the United States and Canada research team is always working to improve our collections and help research an impressively large chunk of the world and its history.

For help with your North American family history, check out the United States Research Seminar coming up on September 10–13. These classes are held at the Family History Library and will be also be broadcast as webinars.

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  1. I Am born in Uruguay but i am a canadian since 1973 livin in langley bc working in different family history centre i speak 6 lenguage i have a lot experience in spanish records and in research in canary island i am a part o face book team call MI FAMILIA from canary island i have access to island canary records that salt lake do not have i trace my line fron uruguay 1800 to 1500 canary island how can i help you with this gift i have . I wish i can be of any help for the lds family search I am was baptized in 1968 to the Church in Montevideo Uruguay and since 1980 i work in genealogy i have found over 5 thousand names for my family in Uruguay and help so many others lds to found names

    1. Hola Susana,
      Serviamos nuestro misión en Paraguay, entonces tengo mucho interés en la inmigracion uruguayo y paraguayo. No puedo encontrar su grupo en facebook. Puedas darme mas informacion por email.


      Hi Susan,
      We serve our mission in Paraguay, so I have a lot of interest in Uruguayan and Paraguayan immigration. I can’t find your group on facebook. Can you give me more information by email.

    1. Good question there aren’t any experts for Canada I’ve been with Family Search for 3 years now and still haven’t got help finding my Canadian ancestors, my question to you is where DO WE GO???

  2. I am having problems tracing my Canadian Russian relatives in Vancouver area. Is there someone I can get help with my Russian questions?

  3. In case your team is not aware, two years ago I created several groups on related to Canada. The one for the Prime Ministers of Canada is a featured group. The one for the Supreme Court Justices of Canada and one for the premiers of each province or territory are in the community groups. I believe they were last updated in 2016.
    Please make use of them when you help people if they are of interest. That is why I created them.
    For the US, I created a group for each state with their governors, a few of our non-state area’s governors, such as Puerto Rico, US military generals of each branch of service, and the US Supreme Court Justices.
    This way you can increase the possible ways people can connect if they do not have a large tree that ties to the US leaders chosen to be part of the Discovery Centers.
    I spent many years living in a stake with multiple international units and the young people were frequently made to believe they were not as important as those with LDS pioneer heritage by those with that heritage. I wanted to try to give others some ties to people we have decided are important enough to feature. I also did groups for a number of European, South American and Asian countries leaders, but that belongs to another blog post.

  4. Hola Susana que gusto saber de ti. Soy Carmen Molina nos conocimos en Calgary Canada en el ano 1973-74 justo estamos en Calgary y los estabamos buscando Asi que encontramos tu information. Me encantaria powder communicate contigo.

    Hi Susana, nice to hear from you. I’m Carmen Molina met in Calgary Canada in 1973-74 we are just in Calgary and we were looking for them So we found your information. I would love to communicate with you.