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“The apostle Paul indicated that in this the dispensation of the fullness of time, all things would be gathered together in one in Christ,” said Elder David A. Bednar. “Family history is not just a program and then we also worship in the temple. It’s all gathered together in one in Christ.”

Elder Bednar, of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, taught that truth in a Church video production entitled, “The Turning of Our Hearts.”

The 30-minute special follows the Jess family of Springfield, Illinois. From dealing with wayward teenagers and the issues that can arise from having a blended family, to acknowledging stresses of life that can bring a marriage to its breaking point, “The Turning of Our Hearts” shows a real family looking for real solutions.

After much prayer, ward leaders suggest inviting the Jess family to do family history work as a way to strengthen their marriage, unite their family, prepare them for temple ordinances, and ultimately turn their hearts toward the Savior.

“When our family started to learn about family history, it led us on a journey which helped us in so many other ways,” said Scott Jess. “We thought we were blessing the lives of our deceased family members. That work ultimately saved our marriage…. Doing family history work blessed my family and may have saved our children and our children’s children.”

Start with your family. For family night or as a Sunday activity go to LDS.org/turnourhearts to watch the shortened video and for tools and ideas to help you act on what you feel.

“There is power in finding one’s own ancestors and taking your own family names to the house of the Lord,” said Elder Bednar. “…As good as it is when we’re in the temple, it’s even better when we have done the work to be able to perform those ordinances for our own kindred dead.”

Watch the full length video here.


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