Second Chances: A Life Touched by Family History

August 26, 2015  - by 

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We all experience trials in this life, but with the gospel, there is always hope. Often, that hope comes as we feel loved by the Savior and by family—those living on both sides of the veil.

Indexing was a springboard for Constance to learn about the Atonement, read the Book of Mormon, and be baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She also learned about her ancestors and has now served many of them in the temple. Constance now knows where she came from and where she wants to go, both in this life and through the eternities.

As you work to find names, take them to the temple, and teach others to do the same the power of family history can work for you too or for someone you love. Get started indexing today.

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  1. I enjoyed listening to the young lady’s history. Several years ago, I was involved in the Church’s prison program in my home state. Many of them could use programs such as Family Search indexing. Hopefully, this video will find its way into other state’s institutional programs. Keep up the great work.

  2. I have been a Family Search indexer and arbitrator for a number of years, and I can testify that the small amount of time we invest in familysearchindexing. brings great blessings to those on both sides of the veil. I know that those whose names we index will be waiting for us when we cross over into that eternal world. But remember that the blessings we receive from indexing are immediate. I think of those whose names I process and often make comments to them, like, “Now, Brother Williams, I hope your family picks up on my work and brings it to fruition”. I believe they hear us and respond. Indexing is a wonderful work!

  3. What a truly, inspiring story !

    Thank you for expending the time and resources to share this uplifting example for us.

  4. I hope this comment doesn’t sound negative. I just want to express how important it is for information to be correctly indexed.
    I searched and searched for an ancestor whom I knew in this life and had visited him at his house. I could not find him where I knew he should have been shown on a census.
    I found him by “accident” while looking for another person.
    His name Hawkins was spelled Hankins by the indexer. I just want to encourage all of us who index to be really careful and compare handwriting for different names on the census to help us with spelling.
    I am very grateful for all indexers who make it possible to find our ancestors.