Top Ten Signs You’re a Hardcore Genealogist

October 1, 2013  - by 

10. You stayed up all night to try to index the billionth name.

9. You dressed up your kids as their ancestors for Halloween.

8. You bought your kid an Android instead of an Iphone to make sure Indexing works on it.

7. You added the same photo to Family Tree in both color and b&w.

6. After watching an instructional You Tube video, you decided to pour water on your computer to make Family Tree grow.

5. You asked your date if she had a “heart-turning” experience.

4. You taught your preschooler how to write their name in Wikitext.

3. You suffered a slight stroke when you learned PAF was to be discontinued.

2. You have your own set of keys to the local Family History Center.

1. You’re reading the blog at FamilySearch!

Nathan Murphy

Nathan W. Murphy, MA, AG is a United States and Canada Research Consultant at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. He specializes in Southern United States and English family trees.

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  1. You, missed one. When you dream you are your computer doing research and it freezes when you finally find the link to Great Great Aunt Suzie!

    Really this is great reminder that we need to balance our lives and our research.

  2. Great fun

    I have one more:

    Before you leave the Temple parking lot you check to see if the work you did is recorded yet,

  3. Fun list. Here are two more:

    When you meet someone with an unusual last name, the first thing you say is, ‘where is your family from?’

    You aren’t totally horrified to find out that you and your wife are actually 4th cousins. (true story)

    1. or you can actually TELL people where they are from! I’ve done this with customers with Welsh and Cornish names.

  4. Hey anyone else getting the PINK box that blocks you from going to page 2 or NEXT on any search? Being a “hardcore genealogist” I am freaking out..what is wrong with the site???? AHHH anyone only give you the first 20 of hundreds of hits???

    1. Janice,
      Just refresh your screen (on Chrome it’s a circular arrow near the address bar) and that will often get rid of the pink box and complete whatever you were trying to do.

  5. A follow up to my first comment / I am – was, freaking out that the site seemed to have a glitch. Was looking for an answer…I got on the live chat just now and was thrilled to get someone online, not only help but an immediate answer..there is a tech glitch and it is being worked on. THANKS, all rock!
    Can’t wait to get back on it..tapping foot 😉

  6. Another… You hang out in cemeteries and can actually find the headstones.
    And… You mentor others and consult.
    and…. Instead of talking about the pheasant hunt at night with your buddies you are talking about their ancestors.

  7. When you meet someone and you ask him his last name, his parents’ names, his grandparent’s names and so on