Thank You for Your Gift of Discovery

December 28, 2015  - by 

When the wrapping paper, empty boxes, and toys are put away, what Christmas gifts will you remember? I remember when I was a little girl my parents built me a dollhouse with a staircase, balcony, and meticulously placed wood shingles on the roof. I loved that dollhouse. And to this day it is still one of my favorite Christmas memories because I know they worked so hard and were so excited to give it to me.

As an indexer, you also know how it feels to give a heartfelt gift. By taking time out of your holiday season to index, you have provided the opportunity for thousands of others to discover their ancestors. Between December 1 and 25, 18,112,734 records were indexed and 7,372,461 arbitrated in 10 different languages that will now be made freely searchable on Thank you for providing such a wonderful gift!

You can tell how well you did just by looking at this fully decorated Christmas tree! 24 decorations and 9 presents were added to represent the opportunity for millions of people around the world to experience precious moments of family discovery. One who participated stated:

I am excited to be a part of indexing and realize the countless benefits we have in living at this time in history! I have done my part in helping to decorate the discovery tree to help so many individuals connect with those that have come before us!! — D. Holt

Thank you for participating and providing a gift to be remembered for years to come. Now benefit from your great work, and find your own ancestors in the indexed records on

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  1. I distinctly remember one Friday in particular when I had just submitted my great-grandfather, his siblings and their parents’ names for temple ordinances, I felt them all around me. This could not have been done without the help of indexers and arbitrators! Thank you all past, present and future work that will be done by indexers!