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October 8, 2019  - by 
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Many records on the FamilySearch website are available thanks to the hard work of volunteers. In fact, over 250 million records are indexed by 200,000 to 300,000 volunteers every year.

These people have given their time to help index documents on, making it possible for you to search the records and easily find your ancestors. Now it is possible for you to thank these volunteers for their hard work!

How You Can Thank a Volunteer

The new Thank a Volunteer feature on is available for all records that have the name of a volunteer attached to them. The feature is easy to use. If you come across a record that you wish to thank an indexer for, open the record and follow these simple steps:

1. When viewing a record, click the Document Information section found under the preview image. If a record has the name of an indexer attached to it, an icon labeled Indexed Record will appear there. Not all records will have this feature available.

2. Below the Indexed Record icon and its description, click the Thank the Volunteer link. A prewritten thank you message will pop up. This message cannot be edited.

3. Click Send, and the message will be sent to the volunteer’s FamilySearch Messages inbox! A small notification on the top-right side of your screen will confirm that the message has been sent.

Family history is truly a worldwide endeavor, and the efforts of people you’ve never met may make the difference when you are trying to make a particularly tricky link. Next time you see the option on a record you’re searching, take time to thank the volunteer! That person gave his or her time to make your family history find possible.

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  1. I want to thank the many volunteers that make it possible for people to learn their history. To know and learn the shoulders that we stand on in history. I myself don’t have my fathers last name. My grandfather also apparently didn’t have his fathers last name. I learned a pattern of secrets in our family’s lives. I am a believer so praying that this family trait will end in generations to come. My grandchildren and those not born yet deserve to know their history. Thank all volunteers! Thank you FamilySearch family! Blessings.

  2. I am very grateful for all the records that have been indexed. It is nice to let an individual know their service is appreciated. Thank you.

  3. that’s a wonderful feature! I started doing family research in the days before internet as many people have. The work done by these volunteers is INVALUABLE! Thank you to each and everyone of them!

  4. Thank you to all of you who volunteer to help us out. I have a question regarding temple work. I am a member and have been working on finding those who need work done on my family line. I just want to get sorted out in my mind the different color codes. Some have dark green, some have light green, some yellow and some grey. Please can you give me some help here.

    1. You can find all the color coding in the top right corner of the ordinances where it says “Legend”. The grey means “completed”, light green means “requested”, yellow means “not printed”, dark green means “printed”, blue means “waiting”, coral means “shared”, brown means “shared printed”, white with a dotted box means “not available”, and plain white means “not needed”. Hope this helps!

  5. While FS has “thank a volunteer”, among those volunteers are people who recently rang in response to a problem I had. Their help was considerable. I not only appreciated the help she gave, but also the help in showing me how I could make better use of the FS system.

    1. My apologies – I was not aware my comment would be made public. I have included a person’s name. PLEASE modify comment to exclude the name.

  6. So much of the information that I’ve found regarding my family is pathetically wrong. And one biographical entry regarding my uncle is almost 100% inaccurate. You should be careful about the information you post..