Teaching Others about Family History with Gatherers in the Kingdom

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One of the great blessings of your calling is helping Church members become truly converted to family history. This conversion often happens when members have meaningful, one-on-one family history experiences with an inspired helper. 

It also happens when members hear important truths about family history and feel the confirming witness of the Holy Ghost. 

Gatherers in the Kingdom 

Gatherers in the Kingdom is a set of presentations you can use to teach others so they can experience the joy of true conversion to family history. These presentations help them understand: 

  • The doctrine of temple and family history work. 
  • Their role in this work. 
  • The resources available to support them. 
  • The rich blessings promised to those who participate. 

Suggestions for Using Gatherers in the Kingdom 

There are three versions of this presentation, each geared toward a different audience. 

Church members 

Consultants and leaders can use “Gatherers in the Kingdom for Church Members” to reach members in a variety of settings, such as one-on-one visits, family home evenings, devotionals, or combined Sunday School lessons. 

Temple and family history consultants 

Lead temple and family history consultants can use “Gatherers in the Kingdom for Consultants” to train other consultants. 

Leaders and councils 

Priesthood leaders can use “Gatherers in the Kingdom for Leaders and Councils” to engage leaders and councils and to guide them in fulfilling their family history responsibilities. For instance, a bishop could use this presentation to train members of the ward council. 

Accessing the Presentations

You’ll find these presentations on the Family History Training Presentations page on LDS.org. (You can reach this page from the Temple and Family History Consultant page or from the Leader Resources for Family History page on LDS.org.) 

The presentations are provided in Microsoft PowerPoint format. Each one includes presenter notes to instruct you in using the slides in the presentation. There is also a PDF version of the message, which you can use in low bandwidth situations or when PowerPoint is not available. 

To download a presentation, click the presentation you want to use, and then follow the prompts in your browser. 

Gatherers in the Kingdom can help teach others about family history!

To download the PDF presenter notes, click the notes you want to use, and then follow the prompts in your browser. 

Use Gatherers in the Kingdom to teach others.

We encourage you to consider prayerfully how to use these presentations to teach and support those who serve under your direction. As you help others become converted to temple and family history work, they will reap great blessings for themselves and their loved ones on both sides of the veil.


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    1. There are links within the article that take you to the lds.org source! You can also now click on the images at the bottom to take you to the page. Hope this helps!

    2. When I prepared to present these in a stake/district meeting to leaders, I couldn’t get them to come up either. I finally downloaded the videos and put them in a file on the laptop I used for presentation and put a link to the video. They worked fine then.

  1. The video segments inserted into the Powerpoint presentations skip and stutter in places, at least when played through Powerpoint 2010 for a PC. It seems to work OK on the MAC version of Powerpoint. The MP4 format videos themselves, when not played through Powerpoint, work fine. In researching the problem, I found that the MP4 format is the problem. I ran the MP4 videos through a video converter (free online converters can be used) and changed them to WMV format. Then I deleted the MP4 videos from the slide presentation and inserted the WMV videos. Now the videos work fine in the Powerpoint presentation. It would be good to make this change to the downloadable Powerpoints on LDS.org so people don’t have to go to the bother described above.

    1. Christian, what kind of resources are you looking for? Our blog has a lot of content for beginners that I can direct you towards.

  2. These links to presentations appear to be broken. They just bring me to the main “https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/?lang=eng” page.

    1. This article was written 3 years ago and I’m pretty sure the format has changed since then. Click here to see the Family History Training Presentations that are most updated.