Teach Yourself and Others: New Online Training Now Available—December, 2015

December 7, 2015  - by 

Several new classes have been added to the FamilySearch Learning Center. These new classes include:

  • United States Research
  • Spain, Latin American and Mexican Research
  • Welsh Research
  • Using Family Tree Instruction
  • Miscellaneous Topical Instruction

Below are links to the full classes or webinars found on the FamilySearch website. To access a class, click on the title of the course or webinar you want to view.


United States
United States Naturalization Records
Finding your Ancestors in Vital Records
U.S. Census Research, Techniques and Strategies
United States Court Records
Descendancy research
Spain, Latin America, Mexico Research
U.S. Hispanic Immigration
Árbol Familiar: Fotos, historias, y audio
¿De dónde vinieron mis antepasados?
Conozca el sitio de PARES
Wales Research
Welsh Naming Patterns
Wales Maps and Gazetteers
Family Tree
Adding sources in Family Tree
Incorrect Combines
Various Research Content
Getting Started With Czech Record Online Part 1?
Advancing Your Polish Genealogy: 300 Years of Records
Using Canadian Census Records

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  1. I watched the demo on adding sources in Family Tree. I will need to watch this a few times to really understand what she was doing, but I was surprised that she did not add a reason for adding a source. I am wondering if it is not important? I have been teaching to do it carefully and always add a reason. I’m I wrong?

  2. I would like to see more information on my family line, which is Fiji Islands and then back to India from !874 Indenture System that British brought Indian from India on several boats to farm Sugar Cane industry.
    Thank you

  3. I have finished my five generation, how do I proceed teaching others and learning more myself. I am unfamilur on how to get a name ready for the temple.

    Is there a begging video on church History?

    Thank You

    1. Are you saying you’d like an email notification everytime a new article is posted? We are working on a simpler way to subscribe but in the meantime, when you post a comment on an article, click the box that says “Notify me of new posts by email.” You will then get an email inviting you to subscribe. It may go to your junk folder so make sure and check there.

  4. I love Family Search and the ability to add pictures/documents etc.!
    Is there a way to rearrange the order of pictures and documents? At first I just started putting pictures on and now I wish I had started with pictures of a young age and then put them on in order of a person’s life instead of pictures at older age then one of a younger age, etc. etc.
    If this isn’t possible yet I hope it will be in the future!
    Thank you for all you do!

    1. I enjoy it too! I believe it may be on the radar to be able to rearrange but it is not available right now.