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If you have a free LDS account in the websie, people in your family tree can be associated with those found in your FamilySearch tree and their names can be submitted to the temple for ordinance work. This way, as you are working on your Family Tree within, you don’t have to switch back and forth between programs.




After you sign into your account, you can then sign in to your FamilySearch account so as to see the temple ordinance status for any individual. You can then submit those names for temple work.

In Profile view, the FamilySearch tree icon will indicate what to do next:







Click on Sign in to FamilySearch.

A pop-up window opens allowing you to sign in to FamilySearch with your LDS Account login.










Enter your user name and password and click on Sign In.

As soon as you are signed in, the Profile view in now shows the ordinance status for this individual.







If the temple work has not been completed, and enough data is available to submit a name, the FamilySearch tree icon will be followed by Request. Click on Request (or the little down arrow next to it) and a drop-down menu will appear with several options.










Select Request – View ordinance details and a new pop-up window will open allowing you to compare the and the FamilySearch records for this individual so you can make any needed updates, or to Continue with ordinance request.










Clicking on Continue with ordinance request will open a new tab or window of the FamilySearch ordinance page for this individual. Select Request Ordinances as you would normally in FamilySearch.












A new pop-up opens and you will see the status of all ordinances for this individual and may proceed to select and request ordinances as desired. You can generate a printed page to take to the temple where they will print family file cards you can immediately do ordinance work for!













The nice thing about having the option to request ordinances within your account is that the status is updated in both FamilySearch and accounts. This is especially helpful when you are researching within and want to submit names. I was doing this the other day when my son wanted to take a family file to the temple for baptism and I was scrambling to quickly find a new name to submit. had the needed records to expand my tree and by being synchronized with FamilySearch, I was able to quickly print out an ordinance request for a new individual that my son took to the temple, had a card printed and did the baptism for, all within a three hours, start to finish!


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  1. Does this procedure allow one to use the “Find” search as well as the “Possible Duplicates” search?

    Since the “Possible Duplicates” does not always find all of the duplicates, I think this is important. Even if you check both the ways, the ordinances could already been done, so users need to be aware of this and if they think there is a chance they could have been done, then they need to see if the names are in the IGI, which is an indication that at least some, if not all, of the ordinances have already been done.

  2. Fantastic news I do go between the two sites and it will be a huge difference for me. Can’t thank you enough for all the new and exciting things that are happening in this area of work.

    1. This is not an option with the paid subscription. What advantages do you feel there are to continuing with your paid subscription as opposed to getting the free LDS account?

      1. It is my understanding that when you get a free Ancestry account, you lose access to newspapers and Fold3 information.
        I was told this in June 2014, so I am not certain if this has changed or not.

    2. It will not work until you switch over to the FREE account. Don’t take this as gospel but I’m pretty sure that is how it works, if you are not LDS then you would need to go to the closest LDS Family History Center

  3. Nice the e-mails but is it possible translate in Dutch, my Englisch is not so good and I am grazy of genealogic. I have al so many names send in the Temple but I will very match help others! but Englisch is my problem!

  4. There is a wonderful relationship going on between and FamilySearch Family Tree. I love the many hints in including many family trees. Then when stuck I find I can often add names from Family Tree into Ancestry. Then the ability to compare and sync is fantastic. Yet to come and I hope soon the ability to compare families and sources. This will greatly help a most tedious effort of comparing children and spouses and marriage dates. Then ordinances and now hints in Family Tree at times helps even more. I am most excited when finding names and submitting ordinances and with this have found hundreds more and much more to come. Couple that with Record matches and Smart matches from My Heritage and many more. I have so many emails of smart matches I can’t keep up. I wish there was a way to better uodate or sync My heritage.

  5. I’m a little concerned that the blog says the writer was “scrambling quickly” to find a name for her son to take to the temple. I’ve found that when I rush to prepare names without doing careful validation, I’m likely to make mistakes. We aren’t actually just working with “names”–we’re talking about real people and the ordinances matter to them.

    Also, I notice that the sample image indicates there are possible duplicates for the names being reserved. Wouldn’t it be wise to check those first before reserving the names?

  6. I feel reserving ordinances from leads to hurried and quick action that complicates the ordinance process. Folks SHOULD have to think about it carefully and go back to Family Tree to reserve them. I wish FS would spend their time to make it more difficult for folks to delete peole that have ordinances and then they have to be done again when the person is entered back in Family Tree. Hasty decisions causes a lot of duplicates and also duplicateTemple work ro be done. Use as a record source not to reserve ordinances.

  7. I would like to bring the multitude of names and records found on into my Family Search account. That would make checking ordinances more accurate I think. Is there an easy or straight forward way to do this?

  8. My half-brother just passed. I want my grandson to do the baptism and confirmation. He turns 11 in November 2021 which is just a few months after my brother would be eligible. In January or February he can go to the temple as a deacon. If I request the ordinances how long can I reserve them for.