Simple Ways to Share What You’ve Learned

December 15, 2018  - by 
A smiling teenage boy listens to another.


1. Share your names that are ready for the temple. It’s easy to do it using the Family Tree app.

  • For iOS, click the temple icon at the bottom of the screen. For android, click the 3 bars at the top left, and then click Temple.
  • Select the ordinances you want to share.
  • Click the Share button.

2. Share with your family the photos and memories you have collected. Use the Family Tree app to upload memories for people in your tree.

3. Get social. Post a quote or video about family history. #YouthGatherersofIsrael






Youth Connecting with Generations

Learn about other ways you can discover, share, and preserve your family history today.

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    1. I have been using Family Search and family Tree. I also have been a family history consultant for many years. I do not understand what you want me to tell you.