Simple Start to Family History

September 28, 2016  - by 

Try one of these 6 simple activities to get your family history started

You want to do family history. You really do. But perhaps you aren’t sure how to start or don’t know if you have time to figure it all out.

What if you could easily weave some simple family history tasks into your busy life? We’ve chosen a few here to highlight, including instructions and links. So get rid of the guilt, and try one—or several—of these quick, fun tasks and have a meaningful family history experience right away!

Family History Simple Start: Start Your Family Tree
Family History Simple Start: Explore Your Heritage
Family History Simple Start: Discover New Apps
Family History Simple Start: Hints: See What FamilySearch Found
Family History Simple Start: Add a Photo or Audio Story
Family History Simple Start: Find Temple Names

For additional resources on these and many other topics, please visit the online Help Center.


Leslie Albrecht Huber

Leslie Albrecht Huber has written for dozens of magazines and journals on genealogy and other topics. She currently does communications consulting and contract work for nonprofit organizations. Leslie received a bachelor's degree in history from Brigham Young University and a Master of Public Affairs (MPA) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has worked as a professional genealogist, helpingothers trace their families, and has spoken on genealogy and history topics to groups across the United States.

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  1. que manera tan perfecta para poder comensar contu arbol genealogico me encanta para ayudar a la juventud de hombres y mujeres jovenes gracias

    1. es verdad! me encanta ayudar a todo a hacer Templo y historia familiar aun los juventud de hombres y mujeres jovenes . Estoy en comienzo a ayudar las personas en nuestra estaca , me siento muy feliz y poco nerviosa. Usted hermana puede ayudarme?

  2. Hello Leslie – I ran across this by accident. We are used to going to the blog….but not this site which would be very helpful for new Consultants. The usual path is: As an Area TFHC, we would greatly appreciate it if you would send out a “heads up” when there is a new page that is specifically for consultants. If you can just let me know, I’ll let all of the NASW Area Consultants know about it. It’s better if we show it to them rather than them find out about it first and think we didn’t know about it. You’ve done an excellent job and we would like to showcase it in our next news letter. thank you for your hard work.

  3. I am so glad I found you. My paternal tree ends in Albania (Korce, Korce, Albania) for both of my 4 2G Grandparents. They both had stores on each side of the St. George Cathedral. I believe the records were destroyed when the Turks and the Romanians invaded Albania. One was owned by Tsatsi Yrati Anastasios Zickos and spouse Athena Chiriaco Anastos, and Haralamba Carabina and spouse Catarina Talabac. I found out Tsasti’s father was Setir Zickos and wife Thesino, Athena’s parents are Nasitas Anastos and wife Maria. It stops there, is there a specialist that has access to expand my paternal tree. Thanks in advance.

    1. you can check the FamilySearch research wiki for Albania to see what resources are available and what groups have been set up to help with research in that part of the world.

  4. I have incorrect data on my family tree. How can I correct to put in actual descendants.

  5. I received a “hint” in historical records. The record matched the person in my family, but the last name is spelled wrong. How do I get this corrected?

    1. You have the option now to edit names in some indexed records. Click here to check out the article about it! Keep in mind, some records are not able to be edited quite yet, but others will have the option. Hope this helps!

  6. How can I correct an entry in my family tree. I am the child of my father’s second wife while the tree indicates his first wife as my mother.

    1. What I would do is add yourself under your mother and then merge your two profiles together (the profile underneath your father’s second wife to the new profile you just created with your mother). This should delete the profile under your fathers second wife and you will then be tied to your mother. If you have never merged before, click here to learn how you can do that. Hope this helps!