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When it comes to sharing family photos, you have a lot of choices these days like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and email. But what about family history photos, the ones of ancestors from days gone by?

Do you need to use a different tool to share and preserve them? Luckily, no!—the best place to discover, preserve, and share ancestor family photos—has free tools that allow you to do both: preserve your family memories forever and share them socially with your family in the precious present.

Social Sharing

It’s easy to share what you upload or discover on There is a Share button on each individual photo or story page, in each album (see graphic), and on a person’s photo and story page. Using the Share button gives you control over how the photo, story, or album is shared.

You can also simply like, pin, tweet, or +1 any image, story, or album using the social media buttons.



Sharing Through FamilySearch Family Tree

Even if you don’t use social media, you have a great way to share the photos in your collection with siblings, cousins, parents, and grandparents. Simply upload photos to, tag the people in each photo, and link each person to FamilySearch Family Tree. Anyone closely related to the tagged people will now see them listed with a thumbnail photo on their own People page. Thumbnails with the golden sash icon in the lower right corner indicate a person added by someone else.

Sharing Photos to Find Names for the Temple

Many Church members have found ancestors needing temple ordinances as they’ve used the Photos feature on As you upload and share photos with other family members on FamilySearch, extended family may help you identify people in those photos who are missing from your family tree. Those individuals may need temple ordinances.


What are you waiting for? Start preserving and sharing your family memories today!

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  1. I had over 60 photos that had been put on my people page but when I looked this week the number of photos had gone down to less than half. What happen to the other photos?

  2. I haven’t been able to get into Search for several months. This is the message I get no matter what I try to look up.

    We can’t seem to find this page


    You have encountered a broken link or a page that does not exist. We have been notified and it should be corrected shortly. No further action is required on your part.

  3. I found a photo on family tree of an ancestor of mine. How do I add that photo to the rest of the photos that are tagged? I really love the feature when you click on the tagged photos you can see how you’re related. I found an ancestor way down the line and I wanted to know how we were related and I couldn’t figure that out either??? Please help. I’m the consultant in my ward and I’m doing a big presentation on Sunday on the website.

  4. I uploaded a picture of a grandmother, but was only a partial of her face (too big). How do I delete it?
    Thank you

    1. Click on the photo in memories then it should bring up an editing page titled “Click to Edit.” In the right hand bottom corner of the black editing box it says “Delete this Photo” click that and then it will make sure you want to delete it. Say yes and it will delete.

  5. I have trouble linking my pictures after I’ve uploaded them to family search. I guess I need more specific instructions although I have done it successfully before. When I go to link a photo it wants me to seach for a person and I can never find the person. I wish there were step by step instructions for things. Everything I go to just says link it but then it never explains exactly how ton do that. Thanks.

    1. This should help, I hope. I got this off of this blog post:
      Under the section “Personal ID Number—PID” it says the following about linking:
      Every person listed in Family Tree is assigned a person identification number—called a PID. The number can be found in several places.
      It is simple to link the faces tagged in the photos you upload to people listed in the Tree using the PID. A tag in a photo will show a red dot with an exclamation point, indicating that the person is not linked to Family Tree. Clicking on the person reveals the “Link to Family Tree” option which, when selected brings up the “Identify this person in Family Tree” dialogue box. At the bottom of the dialogue is a place to paste in the PID of the person you want to link to. This is a quick and easy way to make links that will allow other family members to see the photos you upload. If you have the Family Tree open in one window and the Photos tool open in another, it is easy to copy and paste the number into the right place and make the link.

      Hope this helped!

  6. I am very new at computers. Please put the instructions: sample; (1) click on–(2) 0pen with a click on-. I need explicit instructions. I read the notice by Carly Turner and did not comprehend the instructions, sorry it is me not her,.

    1. Hi Maurine,
      Have you gotten the pictures you will to upload in a digital format?

      The first thing that you need to do with your photos is to digitized them. That is to scan them onto a flash drive or onto your computers’ hard drive. If you do not have a scanner, you can accomplish this at a FamilySearch Center where there will be someone to help you. Find the one nearest to you by going here:

      Once you have gotten the pictures you wish to upload in a digital format, this is how you will get them onto the familysearch website:

      1. Go to the FamilySearch website.
      2. Sign into your account.
      3. Click on “Memories”
      4. Click on Photos
      5. There will be a button with a “plus” sign in it that says “upload” underneath it. Click the button.
      6. The next thing you see will be a picture of what looks like the old instant polaroid pictures.
      7. Now you can find the picture you want to add on the flash drive (or on your hard drive). Click on
      the left mouse button and hold it down. Mover the cursor (while holding the left button down)
      over to the “polaroid” and let go of the button. This will “drag and drop” the photo you want to
      add into the program.
      8. On the portion of the page underneath you will see a “polaroid” that now says “completed.” Click
      on that. This will open the page where you can edit, add, etc. the photo itself.


      You will see a copy of the photo that you have uploaded.

      Above the photo will be an option: “Click to Edit” Click on this to give you photo an identifying title (for example: Grandpa Joe and Aunt Jessie’s children) Once you have given it a title, click “Save”

      On the right hand side of the page will be a place to put a description of the picture. After you have written the description you want, click the “add description” button.

      Underneath the description is where the “tagging” takes place. Move your cursor over the area of the picture you want to tag and click. A circle will appear that can be expanded of contracted by clicking on one of the squares in the corner and holding the left mouse button down as you move the mouse to resize the circle. If you move the cursor to the center of the circle and hold the left mouse button down, you can move the circle to another portion of the picture until it is where you want it to be.

      Now click on the “add person” box underneath and identify the person in the circle. Click “add new person” On the right hand side of the page a blank circle with the name will now appear (“not attached to the tree” will be underneath the name). If there is more than one person in the photo that you can identify, follow the previous instruction to tag by once again clicking on the area of the photo where the next person is located.

      Once you have tagged everything you want to tag, go to the list on the right-hand side of the page and click on the name. A drop down menu opens that allows you to: attach to family tree; place in memories; edit the tag; or remove the tag.

      Click on attach to familytree. This opens a window that lets you find the person in your family tree by either searching for them (or if you know the personal identifier number you can enter that in the space provided and click on the select button).

      If you have done a search for the person, select the correct person from the list that comes up. If you have entered the persons’ id number and found them that way, a new window will open that allows you to attach the photo that way.

      You will be returned to the photo edit and will see on the right hand side that a thumbnail of the person you were attaching it to is now there along with the personal identifier, and the life years.

      The picture will now be in the Memories section of the website where others can find it when searching for that name and on the persons’ details page in the family tree, it can be accessed by clicking the memories option.

      If you are still having difficulty, contact the nearest familysearch center and anyone there should be able to help you.

  7. I’m afraid I don’t understand how to put papers & photos on my family tree. I have a lot that other people I’ve seem on the computer may like to see or have, On the Weeks family line