Have You Shared Your Favorite Grandma Story Yet?—#MeetMyGrandma

September 25, 2014  - by 

Five days ago we announced the beginning our Meet My Grandma campaign. FamilySearch wants you to send us a favorite story about their grandma. We want to know what makes your grandmother so special to you. Our goal was to get at least 10,000 grandma stories added to the FamilySearch Family Tree. We’ve had a great response from so many of you. After only 5 days we’ve already passed the 10,000 story goal. We are delighted to see that so many of you are so excited to share your stories of your grandma.

We know that there are a lot more people out there who have a fun and touching grandma story but haven’t sent them in yet. So we want you to take a few minutes, sit down some place where you won’t be bothered and write a memory about your grandma. It can be sweet and tender, funny, or even a bit mischievous. You can make it short and simple or take a page of two and provide some details about your memory. Just write what you remember about your grandma. Write it and then click on FamilySearch.org/MeetMyGrandma to go to a landing page with simple instructions how to add your favorite story about your grandma in just a few easy steps, and have it preserved for generations.

The heart of the invitation is a 90-second video entitled “Meet My Grandma,” featuring scenes filmed all over the world. Each vignette shows the special role grandmothers play in people’s lives. The video closes with the hashtag invitation to tell why your grandmother is unique, #meetmygrandma.

Also included is a link to download the new “Memories” mobile app (IOS only for now) that makes adding photos, stories, and audio recordings simple and quick.

10,000 Grandmas in 10 Days

Our goal was to submit 10,000 Grandma stories in 10 days. We’ve passed that already but don’t let that stop you. We still want to add as many grandma stories as we can between September 20-30, 2014. Share a fun, touching, sweet, silly, or special story about this woman who is so dear to you. Let the world meet YOUR grandma! She’ll thank you. And you’ll help preserve her priceless legacy for generations to come.


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  1. En mi caso, ha sido una lástima, porque no tuve ocasión de conocer a ninguno de mis cuatro abuelos. Cosas del destino.E·l artículo es muy lindo, interesante. Gracias.

    1. Translation of above comment: In my case, it was a shame, because I had no chance to meet any of my four grandparents. Twist of fate. Article is very cute, interesting. Thank you.