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I accepted Elder Andersen’s challenge at RootsTech 2015 – to prepare as many names for temple work as ordinances I planned to do. Last week I wanted to take a family file to the temple, but I was all out of cards with uncompleted ordinances. So I spent most of the day hunting around for new names to add to my tree that might need temple work performed

I saw the temple icon with the green arrow on my family tree for a set of third great grandparents, indicating someone needed temple work done and so I poked around.

Sharing with Temple 1








My third great grandmother, Sally Noyes, finally had enough information to qualify for temple work. There were possible duplicates, so I wanted more information. I discovered several marriage records where Sally was listed as the mother of the bride. I was able to verify six additional children for this family, besides her son, who was my second great grandfather! They all needed temple ordinances!

LDS Temple Tab

At the top of my screen I saw this red circle with a star next to Temple on the horizontal menu, which I clicked on to bring up all the ordinances in various stages of completion.

Sharing with Temple 2








I just wanted to see an overview.

Sharing with Temple 3





I ended up printing up everything I did that day, but added one more a couple days later, so I have 26 of 28 already printed.

Let’s look at the Share feature.

Sharing with Temple 4






Sally Noyes can now be sealed to her parents. When I check the box next to her name, the Print, Share and Unreserve buttons turn blue.

Hovering over the Share button I get three options:

Sharing with Temple 5






  • Share with Temple
  • Share with Family of Friends
  • Unshare

I was glad to see the Unshare option so I can experiment with Share.

I chose Share with Family or Friends and this pop-up window appeared:

Sharing with Temple 6









You can type in the name and email of the person you want to share it with. They do need to have an LDS account with FamilySearch.

You can also write them a message. Note that once they accept, the action cannot be undone.

Click Send when ready,

Now I have one name under Shared, and a little envelope icon appears next to the name.

Sharing with Temple 7






This is the email notification my daughter-in-law received from FamilySearch:

Sharing with Temple 8









Once you have shared with a family member or friend, there is no un-share capability at this time. Once the person has accepted the invitation the listing on your reservation list will disappear from your list and appear on the other person’s list. They have two weeks to accept it. During that time it will appear on your list with a little envelope icon next to it. If they accept, the whole line will disappear along with the envelope icon. If they don’t accept it after two weeks then just the envelope icon disappears and you can once again print or unreserve it.

Share with Temple

If you have more work than you and your family can do on your own, you may want to Share with Temple.

Here is what you will see when you select names and then Share with Temple:

At which point you can click on the Share button.

Here is what I learned about unsharing once you have shared with the temple:

Sharing with Temple 9






“Un-sharing reservations shared with the temple can be unshared up until the point where a temple has actually picked them up from inventory and printed a sheet. At that point the ordinance is close to being completed and cannot be unshared. Baptisms usually cannot be unshared within days (female) or weeks (males). Endowments can usually be unshared even a year or more later.”

So you will have to keep an eye on these reserved names to see when they move off your list.


The new Share feature on FamilySearch is a useful and easy way to get help with the ordinance work you have reserved on your Family Tree. You can either share names with family or friends, or share ordinances with the temple so the work can be completed in a timely fashion!


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  1. It’s all very well sharing with the Temple but I have over 200 males still needing Endowments, etc. and can’t progress till this is done and they have been waiting since 2008. Come on all the Priesthood out there – we need you to attend the Temple more regularly. Thank you.

    1. Have you considered asking the HPGL if there are priesthood holders in the ward or branch you are in that would be willing to do the work for you? What about in your Stake? I know that we are being encouraged to escort our own ancestors to the temple, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be someone who can and will help escort the ancestors of others as well.

      Unshare those that haven’t been done, print them out and have them available for the next temple day in your unit.

      1. I agree with this idea. There also may be a stake temple “box” at your temple where you can leave undone cards for stake members to do when they don’t have family names — but this requires that a stake/ward is educated on finding and using that box.

  2. Thank you I found this to be a very good teaching tool. I hve been learning how to get around in this new program. This is the best. I liked it because it looked just like the file.

  3. Hola hermana Debora wood,estoy muy agradecido por el Blog Family Search.Me ha hecho reflexionar sobre su importancia de trabajar por nuestros ancestros y gracias por brindar su apollo y animarme en su Blog,Jose Porfirio Lizardo Cabrera

    1. Translation of above comment: Hello sister Debora wood, I am very grateful for the FamilySearch Blog. It made me reflect on the importance of working for our ancestors and thank you for providing your apollo and cheer on your Blog,
      Jose Porfirio Lizardo Cabrera

  4. re: the new shares. Question
    Can I reserve Bapt, INit. and then share the Endowment? can I also keep the sealing as reserved for me? I have lots of Males and of course can’t do anything but sealings for them to their family. I am not clear on if I can do this. Please keep posting the tips on facebook. I share them with others. IT is quite helpful. Thanks !

  5. I have used this feature as I live quite a distance from the temple. I have 96 names that I have shared with family, friends and the temple. I am glad that my ancestors will get their work done now .

  6. Thank you for posting this info in such nice detail, too. They seem to have made it a lot easier to share now. 🙂

  7. When I share with the Temple, it only says “Share with Temple System”. Is there a way that I can tell what temple prints the cards?

    1. Wherever your ward’s assigned temple is, that temple is the priority of where your shared ordinances go. If the temple can accept it, they will print it out. If not, they will send it across the globe. As for the brown icon and finding out which temple printed it out, I’d like to know what temple printed them out too because I have a few ordinances that I shared with the temple and it would be nice to know where the ordinances will be completed. But unfortunately, for now you can’t find out until the ordinance is done.