Service to God and Country: Discovering the Mormon Battalion

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They rose to their call to serve their God and country. The men, women and children of the Mormon Battalion were faithful individuals whose sacrificed so much to serve and to help settle the American West. They blazed a trail that blessed generations.

Discover Photos and Headstone Locations

Along with the names and basic vital information for battalion members, FamilySearch has also worked with BillionGraves to add headstone information where available. The headstones are linked to an interactive map. On an additional interactive map, visitors to the site are able to tour the 2,000-mile trek and learn about the experiences battalion members had along the way. A bibliography of sources where each person is mentioned is provided by the Mormon Battalion Association site to enrich the experience by providing reference information to more detailed Battalion stories and your ancestor’s participation, helping you to discover what these brave people struggled with, rejoiced in, and accomplished.

Tell your Own Story

As you begin thinking about your family and how these strong-willed predecessors have impacted your life, you may feel inspired to share what makes you or your family pioneers. By sharing your story, others will get a glimpse of your life as a pioneer and be inspired in their own journey.

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  1. My Great Grandfather William Bailey Maxwell was a member of the Mormon Battalion. I live in Sierra Vista az, close to (the battle of the bulls) that is mentioned in the Mormon Battalion story. It also mentions that my Great Great Grandfather, John Doyle Lee, joined the Battalion at about the same place in Arizona. I had never heard that before .I’m going to have to research that a little more.

  2. Clicking on the “Mormon Battalion Page” link above results in “File Not Found We are sorry, but the page you requested is no longer available or cannot be found.” Has this moved to a new location? We are organizing a stake Mormon Battalion camp out for our Young Men and want to help them find Mormon Battalion relatives.