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May 21, 2013  - by 

Together with the many recent look and feel improvements of the FamilySearch website, there are several recent enhancements to the search system that greatly increase the power of seasoned genealogists to find specific records. In coming weeks we will be adding some long-asked-for new features to further increase your efficiency and productivity.


Recent Features

Restrict Records by Location and Type
Searching with a life event, like birth, is great if you want to use a little information you know to pull out all records about your ancestor. If, however, you want to identify that specific birth record from England, and don’t want your results cluttered up with U.S. census and marriage records, you can now restrict the returned results to a specific location and record type. If you enter a country in the “Restrict records by:” location field search will only return records that originate from, or on which the primary event is from, the designated place. You can also select one or more record types and only get back records of that type.


See More Search Results
When looking for that elusive record that may have been mis-transcribed it is not uncommon to want to look through more than the 20 search results presented. We have added the ability to increase your search results up to 75 per page. You’ll find this great feature at the top of the search results page.


Share a Person Record
Family Research is a collaborative effort. You now have the ability to share your findings with family and friends using all the most popular social media tools.


Upcoming Features

View a Person Record Linked to Family Tree

When a historical records person is already linked to a person in the Family Tree you will see a link on the person details page in the historical records that will let you go directly to the linked person in the Family Tree.

Link a Person Record Directly to Family Tree
If a historical records person is not linked to Family Tree, you will be able to quickly look for them in the Family Tree and create the source in the Family Tree. We will add the link to the source box for you, as well, so you can further organize it in the source box if you wish.

Export Search Results to a Spreadsheet

Logged-in researchers will be able to export the data from their search results into a spreadsheet so they can sort, label, and organize these person records in their research workflows.

Comment on a Historical Records Person

Researchers will be able to leave comments on a person record that is viewable by all other FamilySearch users. We will allow you to flag these comments as being a correction to the transcribed data on the record. It may be a while before these changes are displayed and searched as part of the record, but for the first time you will be able to officially record errors in the record.

Filter Catalog Titles by Location

The FamilySearch Catalog now holds many titles from the regional libraries and even some Family History Centers. You will soon have the ability to see all the titles that are held in a specific library or center.

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  1. Would someone please tell me how I put in details for adoptive children in Family Tree. I have their birth and adoptive dates.
    I find it hard to find my way around the new help centre where I am sure that the answer would be.
    Thank you.

    1. Below the Genealogies search form you will see a button that says “Submit Tree”. All Gedcoms uploaded through this tool will immediately be added to the Genealogies search (PRF specifically) and are visible to the user who uploaded them.

      Once uploaded the tool allows you to compare your uploaded file to the Family Tree, identify the novel individuals that are not already in the tree and add the new persons.

      1. I don’t see a button on either page when I click on the two search options given on my starting page containing just my name.

  2. I have been away from doing reaesrch for a number of years, and I am back to being a beginner. Is there some book or instruction manual to get started again. I have submitted a number of names to the Temple of work, but have not been able to get to my records. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  3. I had the understanding that If I were a consultant I could enter my information as I have much substantiated genealogy as I have done research for 60 years now. I spent a year correcting my extensive pedigree on the family search and to my dismay find it changed when I pull it up. My work has been for naught.

  4. I am trying to find out what the “lock filters” section of the REFINE YOUR SEARCH box under SEARCH TAB to>RECORDS to> just below where the “Search with a relationship:” box is at…it says LOCK FILTERS. so far I cannot get it to DO anything. I cannot find a Knowledge document to explain this item either. I have a patron who is wanting info to teach a class on FamilySearch tonight. Any help would be most appreciated! 🙂

    1. Debbie,
      I apologize for not getting back in a timely manner. Yesterday I went on and could not even find the Lock filters option under the “Search with a relationship” tab. I will continue to figure out where it is on my browser and what it does.