#RootsTech2015 Video Interviews by Rosemary Morgan

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Rosemary Morgan runs the popular blog London Roots Research. As an official RootsTech Ambassador, she had the chance to interview individuals at RootsTech 2015 in Salt Lake City. Several of her videos are now available on YouTube. She interviewed Angie Bush, Myko Clelland, Paul Howes, Tessa Keough, Tahitia McCabe, and CeCe Moore. The interviews cover a wide range of topics of interest to our readers. Enjoy!




CeCe Moore and Angie Bush, genetic genealogists

CeCe’s website: http://www.yourgeneticgenealogist.com/
Angie’s website: http://www.genesandtrees.com/

Myko Clelland, findmypast

Website: http://www.findmypast.co.uk

Tahitia McCabe, Genealogical Studies Postgraduate Programme (University of Strathclyde)

Website: http://www.strath.ac.uk/genealogy/

Paul Howes and Tessa Keough, members of the Guild of One-Name Studies

Website: http://one-name.org/

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Nathan W. Murphy, MA, AG is a United States and Canada Research Consultant at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. He specializes in Southern United States and English family trees.

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