What You Need to Know about RootsTech

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What Is RootsTech?

The RootsTech genealogy conference is the world’s largest family history conference. It is dedicated to helping people discover their personal and family stories. Sponsored by FamilySearch, RootsTech is held every year and includes expert and beginner classes, a giant expo hall, and celebrity keynote speakers.

Where Is It?

RootsTech is held annually in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2019, RootsTech will also expand to London, England. 2020 has seen the installment of RootsTech Connect, an online version of the RootsTech conference.

Why You Should Attend

No matter your age or skill level, RootsTech has something for you. At this global event, you can discover more about yourself and your family, attend classes, and explore emerging technologies. Learn tips and tricks that can help you find your family and connect with family history experts and other attendees.

RootsTech offers more than classes. The expo hall can help you connect with all kinds of cool technologies and services that are dedicated to family history. Keynote sessions at RootsTech are also designed to celebrate family and inspire you to record and discover your own family stories.

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    1. Terry, perhaps you are searching too wide try just your last name was different spellings or start a new line for you and your family you would be amazed we will reach out and find you

  1. I just logged in to go to the conference and got an error message. What happened? Tried a second time. Can’t get it.

    1. Hi Kristi! Thank you for your feedback. Relatives at RootsTech is a conference only experience that ended the week after the RootsTech conference ended. Make sure to participate in the RootsTech conference again next year to enjoy this experience again.

  2. I am a descendant of an Indian born who was indentured to Natal in the year 1905 on the SS Isipingo. I have no details of my fathers family who came from Vijawada but no other information available.