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Sunetra Sarker, a rootstech keynote speaker

Sunetra Sarker is an actress who is well-known for her role in the hit drama Ackley Bridge. Raised in England by parents who had come from India, Sunetra has unique experiences straddling the line between two worlds and learning how to embrace her multicultural heritage.

Sunetra spoke about this journey in her RootsTech Connect keynote address. “I want people to look back and think, ‘Oh, yeah, she was that girl who had never seen a brown person on screen, and then she became that person, and then she embraced it, and then she stayed being who she was.’”

Who Is Sunetra Sarker?

Sunetra Sarker is an English actress and director. She was first seen on television as a teenager playing Nisha Batra in the soap opera Brookside. Her career has led to many memorable roles and membership in the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). You may have seen her in No Angels, Informer, and Safe House, and playing Dr. Zoe Hanna in Casualty.

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Recently, Sarker filmed a new role in a second series of The Bay, which is scheduled to air in early 2021 on Britain’s ITV. And if that weren’t enough, she is currently filming a fourth series in Channel Four’s popular drama Ackley Bridge. Her role as Kaneez Paracha, a student support officer at Ackley Bridge College, has won her high praise.

Sunetra Sarker’s Personal Life

Sunetra was first married to Nick Corfield, and together they have a son, Noah. She later married Scott Carey in November 2018 and remains married to him today. Listen to her inspiring story of family life and a challenging career in television in her RootsTech Connect keynote address.

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    1. Is that what you call telling about her life -who she was and is now married to? Still? after 2 years! Is this fact supposed to make her fantastic because her husband is some sort of celebrity? As an LDS woman, I feel her job as a mother is more important than her career. Why all this hype about celebs and careers? What about HER own personal heritage? Kasim in an unusual name – what about her parentage, and her Family History. Isn’t this Conference to inspire us in seeking for our Roots and preserving our heritage?

      1. Hi, Heather…I can appreciate what you have said in regards to wanting to know more about the individual. Unfortunately, many of our speakers have a pre-written bio that they give to us and sometimes it is very brief and does not cover the items you mentioned. We do our best to research the individual further, but of course, some individuals prefer more privacy and little can be found on their personal and family ties.

    2. Oops, sorry I got mixed uo and thought the speaker;s name was Kasim. But Sunetra Sarker is a very interesting name too. Would have liked to hear about HER and not who she was or is now married to. Psst keynote speakers have been great, but not because of their careers or celebrity status, in my opinion.