RootsTech Celebrates 10 Years

February 26, 2020  - by 
Crowd of attendees excited for RootsTech

Every year of RootsTech, from the very beginning, thousands of people have travelled to Salt Lake City, visited the Salt Palace, and come out describing a conference experience like no other. What can you find at RootsTech?—Cutting-edge technology mixed with genealogy, world-famous entertainers, and lots of people eager to find connections to their families, their family history, and other attendees. (Have you ever found a 6th cousin using Relatives at RootsTech? Or even a 1st cousin?)

As the 2020 RootsTech conference begins, attendees and staff are celebrating 10 years of this fantastic experience.

In RootsTech Then and Now, a recent article from Sunny Morton, RootsTech founders look back and remember that the very first RootsTech was pulled together on very short notice. “When I was asked to put on RootsTech there was no name, no website, no team, no budget, nothing,” recalls Anne Roach Teerlink.

And yet, the first RoostTech was a huge success, with baseball star Shane Robinson, entrepreneur Brewster Kahle and then-CEO of FamilySearch Jay Verkler, leading out with the very first keynotes. Attendees felt energized by the many brainstorming sessions, some of which have led to impressive tech improvements in the genealogy field.

From 2011 to the present, RootsTech has gotten bigger, better, and has even expanded overseas (see RootsTech London). With the 10th RootsTech starting right now in 2020, Steve Rockwood, CEO of FamilySearch, says that “The future’s never been brighter,” and looks forward to 10 more years of “inspiring experiences” and “making connections.”

Steve Rockwood presenting at a past RootsTech conference.

Want to find out what’s in store for the next 10 years of RootsTech? Read more about how RootsTech came to be and where it’s headed in the full article on the RootsTech Blog…

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  1. I’m streaming it from home here in California. Couldn’t attend this year. Love it. Learned new things today. Thank you.

  2. Roots tech maybe wonderful but Roots Web is shutting down and will not let list managers download their archived comments – not even to the site being recommended the list be moved to. Too bad sharing knowledge and understanding is a foreign concept to this organization. Seems kind of going against your stated goals…

  3. We served as Family History Missionaries Dec 2010-2012 ! We loved being involved with the Roots Tech event!
    We helped attendees as they came to the FHLibrary and the Joseph Smith Building FH Center! After and around the event! One sweet sister who was looking at Family Search for the first time, found her ancestor’s owners’ the husband had given her to his new bride! She was thrilled? She continued to search at other times and was successful! Then a small miracle occurred! She left I had some extra time , I remembered some information , I found a whole plantation showing her ancestors! She didn’t come in! We were asked to serve that night in the Family History library , she came into the Library, I saw her come in, I finished with a patron and found her upstairs! I was able to assist her the site, where she could record all the information! What a joy for both of us! She had already requested more information about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and then said she was going to another genealogy convention!
    We are so thankful for our blessings and the opportunity to serve! Thanks to you all for serving and loving our Savior and His Kingdom here upon the earth. Have the best day every day!