RootsTech 2019 FamilySearch Updates

February 19, 2019  - by 
RootsTech 2019 FamilySearch updates

FamilySearch will be addressing a variety of updates at RootsTech 2019.  Whether you are attending RootsTech 2019 in-person, remotely, or planning to catch up afterwards, we thought we would capture some much-anticipated FamilySearch highlights to whet your appetite—just in case you miss them with all the other exciting buzz surrounding the conference.

FamilySearch Family Tree Mobile App

FamilySearch has made significant enhancements to its free mobile app. In fact, over 90% of the website’s Family Tree functionality can now be done on this nifty, robust app. If you’re attending RootsTech, you will be able to use a cool “Relatives at RootsTech” feature that enables you to quickly see who you are related to among the thousands attending. You’ll also be able to filter your new-found relatives at the show by maternal or paternal lines, or group by ancestor.

New FamilySearch Discovery Experiences Online

Three new discovery experiences—All About Me, Picture My Heritage, and Record My Story—that have only been available in select Family Discovery Centers, will now be freely accessible and sharable online at Discover more about yourself and your family with these inspiring, fun, and easy-to-use features.

RootsTech 2019 FamilySearch News

New Family Activities

The Family History Activities for Families page offers a series of simple activities to help people learn about themselves and their families. The activities can be a great way to help youth and children learn more about their heritage and family.


If you’ve ever done family history research online, or used technology to help you manage or share genealogy information, you are probably the beneficiary of GEDCOM (Genealogical Data Communications) standards. GEDCOM standards enable genealogy products and services to speak to and share data with one another. FamilySearch is now updating its GEDCOM X extensions to enable functionality for documenting same-sex relationships in family tree technologies that use the FamilySearch API based on the GEDCOM X protocol. Once this change has been adopted by FamilySearch partners, FamilySearch will enable the new functionality in its Family Tree feature later in 2019.

DNA Education Pages

Have you ever wondered what DNA testing can tell you about your family? Understanding the evolving DNA technologies and DNA results is a growing need for many. FamilySearch will be launching a new web page at RootsTech 2019 that is a free, user-friendly resource that will provide simple, beginner-level answers to common DNA questions.

RootsTech 2019 FamilySerach Announcements

FamilySearch Digital Library

Did you know that, in addition to the millions of historical records FamilySearch publishes online each year from around the world, it also digitizes tens of thousands of family history-relevant books? These books contain published family histories and local histories. The new FamilySearch Digital Library has an enhanced search engine and a new user interface that makes searching fast and easy.

How to Watch RootsTech Online

Want to participate in RootsTech from the comfort of your own home? FamilySearch is the host of RootsTech, a global family history conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah, where people of all ages are inspired to discover and share their memories and connections. See what FamilySearch-related sessions will be broadcast live for free and how to purchase a virtual pass.

To attend RootsTech and hear about these fun updates in person, visit


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  1. What is RootsTech? Why do you keep sending me this information? it is always USA based and of no interest to me as that’s not where I live or where my origin’s are. Even when I research on Family Search and put down the name of the country of the person I am researching is from I still get flooded with results from USA. It is so frustrating that do most of my research elsewhere.

    1. You can opt out of any or all emails from Sign in, the click on your name at the upper right > Settings > Notificatons (under the words “Settings for (your name). Please leave on the Messages so that others can contact you through FamilySearch Messages. People often notify others of important corrections or additions to your ancestors’ pages. Cheers. Kevin.

    2. Roots Tech is a event sponsored by the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. As well as Family It is a 3 day event that covers Genealogy. Mostly in the USA. But the event covers everything that family search is doing for the moment. For people that are interested in knowing more about their ancestors. Hope that answers your question.

  2. At our Family History Center, we can quickly get videos from YouTube, but content from FamilySearch always takes a long time. Maybe the server is overloaded?

  3. Please add back advanced searching features within books. It is much more difficult now to get a more exact search.

    Also, please add a third option of no image so that we can go through the search items faster — no image would crunch down the text into less space, being able to see more results faster.

  4. Also, the abstracts are now missing from the book descriptions, which is extremely important to have available to know more about the title. Can that be added back in?

  5. I attended RootsTech and loved it. However, I learned that a new feature of FamilySearch was the ability for us to make corrections to misread extractions. I have a lot and would like to correct them, but I do not see any feature to allow that yet. What gives?

    1. Changing data in your personal ancestry file is simple. Changing things on Family Search itself is involved – it better be, otherwise I could change all the spelling of your ancestors if I were that mean enough.

  6. When you use RootsMagic as your genealogy software, and log onto Family Search, it also notifies you of OTHER PLACES where similar data is stored, like FindMyPast, MyHeritage, etc. So while at ONE PLACE you also receive notification of OTHER PLACES.