RootsTech 2018 Leadership Session

November 17, 2018  - by 

Church leaders shared a renewed emphasis with temple and family history consultants at the 2018 family history leadership session of RootsTech. They noted that part of your calling is to focus efforts on children turning 12 and to partner with ward leadership to work with recent converts. Learn more by clicking below.

Elder Dale G. Renlund

Church members have a responsibility to gather their family on both sides of the veil. Family history service is open to everyone, no matter the age or location.

Elder Bradley D. Foster

Temple and family history consultants can follow the Savior’s example and work one on one with families and individuals to help them discover, gather, and connect to their ancestors.

Sister Joy D. Jones and Elder Donald L. Hallstrom

Children are important contributors to the work of salvation. Family history provides children an opportunity to feel the influence of the Holy Ghost and become converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Additional videos from the 2018 leadership session are available on, including presentations by Elder Patrick Kearon and Elder Brent Nielson and by Elder Quentin L. Cook.

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  1. Searching for ancestors of John Jordan b 1764 m 1785 Orange Co., NY Julia Swarthout (various spellings); he died 26 Jan 1850 in town of Pike, Wyoming Co., NY; buried Mt. Hope Cemetery, Friendship, Allegany County, NY

    1. Look at any documents you have in your sources. If there is an obituary for him, open it and read it. It may list some of his survivors, i.e. wife and children. Also open and read any census records.

    1. What’s happening now can be frustrating because it’s new stuff to learn–constantly–but as a long-time consultant I still spend enough time at it everyday so I can learn it in order to be current, so I can teach others. So they can rely on my judgment and help to increase their own self-confidence in learning how to roll with the new punches too.

      No, it wasn’t fine the way it was because we didn’t have access to the gazillion ancestors and their descendants in times past that we now have, definitely not all the ever-increasing source hints. And so many of these people still require ordinances, at least one or two if not the whole complement.